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Remove 1993 Lincoln Town Car Stereo radio?


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June 12, 2008 7:41PM

This is for the Ford factory (OEM) radio. There are two small holes on either side of the radio faceplate. Inserting a pair of U-shaped Ford radio removal tools in both sides will release the springclips behind the faceplace and allow the radio to be pulled out sufficiently by the tools to disconnect the plugs and radio antenna from the rear of the radio. If you don't have the Ford radio removal tools (available at almost any autoparts store), you can cut up a wire coat hanger into two ~1-foot pieces and form each into the shape of a 'U' that will fit into the two holes on each side. Insert the wires in about 1/2 inch and then pry outward and pull at the same time on both sides. If the spring clips don't release then try adjusting the depth of penetration into the holes and the amount you pry outward while pulling.