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Removing a 98 civic headlight assembly?


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You need to remove the bumper cover in order to get at the lower bolt for the headlight assy.

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The headlight relay on a 98 Civic is located on the driver's side. It is under the dash near where the door closes.

the headlight assembly needs to come out in order to change the bulb ive had to do that to my 98 as well.

No it will not the 98 has a different contour than the 95

The headlight assembly can be changed, but not just the actual clear lens on the front. See "Related Questions" below for how to remove the headlight assembly, and also how to clean them

Actually.. to take the headlight lens apart, put the Oven on 200, put the headlight assembly in oven for a few minutes at a time, as the headlight assy heats up, the adhesive will loosen up making it easy to remove the lens. For a demonstration, go to Youtube and type in "How to remove headlight lens from assembly"

Open the hood, stand in front of one the headlight assemblies, notice two black tabs sticking up behind the radiator support in back of the headlight assembly, wiggle and pull tabs straight up and out. These two tabs lock the headlight assembly in place. With the two tabs out you can wiggle the complete headlight assembly out far enough to disconnect the wiring and remove the sockets that hold the headlight bulbs. Reverse procedure for install.

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If the 1998 is a Civic then yes it will fit.

No headlight relay listed. The headlight circuit breaker is integral with the headlight switch.

How do you reset the tcm on a Honda civic 98

where is the tdc in my 98 civic ex sedan

If you mean the whole headlight assembly, the following link will work for you. It helped immensely when I had to take the whole assembly off my 98 to replace the lift gear.

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Will a Honda civic seat fit a 93 Honda accord.

If memory serves, it means that you have a headlight burned out.

there is no carburetor on either of these vehicles, but if you are referring to the throttle body, then yes, they should be interchangeable.

yes it will every civic from 96 to 2000 will pretty much fit.

Yes 92-00 Honda springs are interchangeable

There is no cable.... Its electronic.

I did that to my 98 this summer - took the lens off the car and set it up with a hair dryer blowing into it for a few hours.Worked great.See "Related Questions" below for instructions on removing the lens assembly - only takes a few minutes.Hint: the procedure is also illustrated and detailed in the Owners Manual.

some parts will fit, but it depends on the part itself...

The vacuum hose on the civic is going to be to the left of the intake manifold.

where is the readlight relay, on the 98 chevy cavalier sedan? thank you.

depends on what side driver side remove battery unplug light turn the black retainer and pull on bulb passenger do the same without removing the battery

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