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Q: Will a 95 Honda Civic bumper fit on a 98 Honda Civic?
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Will a 95 Honda Civic bumper fit on a 97 Honda Civic?

No, they are not interchangable.

Will a 95 civic hatchback bumper fit on a 95 civic sedan?


Will 2004 Honda Civic exhaust fit on 95 Honda Civic?

No, not all parts will fit.

Will a 95 Honda Civic motor fit in a 2000 Honda Civic?


Will 92-95 Honda civic 4 door rear lights fit a 92-95 Honda civic 2 door?

no your sedan lights will not fit coupes

Can a 1995 Honda Civic si gauge cluster fit in a Honda Civic dx?

if the Honda civic dx is a 92-95 then yes.

Can the headlight on a 92-95 Honda Civic fit on the 95-98 Odyssey?

NO. It will not.

Will any Honda Civic tail lights fit 95 Honda Accord ex?

No, none will fit.

Can a gsr engine fit in a 95 Honda Civic?


Will a 92-95 Honda Civic coupe fender fit a 92-95 Honda Civic hatchback?

Yes front end on a coupe and hatchback are the same

Will acura integer gsr front spindle fit on 96 Honda Civic?

Will acura integra gsr front spindles fit on 95 Honda civic

Will springs for a 95 civic fit on a 98 civic?

Yes 92-00 Honda springs are interchangeable

Will a 93 Honda vtech motor fit into a 95 Honda civic?

Yes. They are the same generation car.

Will 95 escort rims fit on a 94 Honda civic?

yes they should

Does a 1995 Honda Civic transmission fit in a 1997 Honda Civic?

yes , I have a 99 honda civic 5 speed transmission in my 95 civic. no mods. is done to it fits just fine. ran great too.

Where is the iat sensor on a 95 Honda Civic?

See for yourself in this pic for a 95 Honda Civic

Can you directly swap a front end fenders hood lights bumper of a 95 Honda civic on to 00 Honda civic?

No, they are different. Out of curiousity why would you want to? I could understand the opposite though.

Will a 1990 Honda CRX Engine fit in a 1995 Honda Civic?

Yes, it will fit, as they are both D-series motors. However the 95 Civic has a hydraulic clutch, and the 90 crx is just a cable clutch. Also, the 90 CRX motor is OBD0 and the 95 Civic is OBD1.

What is the code radio for Honda Civic 95 ex?

what is code radio for Honda civic 95 ex.

Will a 94 Honda Accord bumper fit on a 95 Honda Accord?

yes it does fit...94-97 have the same bumpers. Someone else answered the above statement. I answered below, and have actually done this. 94-95 have the same bumper, pretty much exactly. 96-97 has a different bumper, but it can fit on the 94-95. A 96-97 bumper can also fit a 94-95 bumper. The bumper brackets are different though between the two models. Whatever year the bumper is for, get that same year bracket.

Will 90-93 integra coilovers fit 92-95 civic 4 dr?

There are 92-95 Honda Civic coil over kits for sale @

Will a 95 Honda Civic compressor fit a 98 Honda Civic?

hello there are two different mfg,s. Hadsys or Sanden check your compressor. 1994 - 1995 civic and del sol only fit. Jim Toms Foreign Autoparts

How do you replace water pump of 95 Honda Civic ex?

change water pump 95 Honda civic ex

Will the drivers door from a 1995 Honda Civic fit a 1994 Honda Civic?

Yes, all civic doors from 92-95 are interchangeable. However coupe/hatchback doors and sedan doors are not.

PCV valve on a 95 Honda Civic?

Pcv valve job on 95 civic

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