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I had the same problem and fixed it in the following manner. You really don't have to fill the tank. Mine was busted for 4 years until I saw the technique below. Here are a few modifications. I took a 9 lb magnet and fixed my problem. All I did was put the magnet up next to the guage without touching the window and just moved it counter clockwise. As soon as the meter got close to where the level of gas was registered, it snapped into place. This saved me about $800 because that is what it would have cost if I had an auto service center fix this problem. I disconnected the negative battery terminal in order to change the alternator. I noticed sparking when I removed the cable indicating power being drawn by something. I completed the alternator swap and reconnected the battery. I noticed the fuel guage was now pegged hard right showing full. It remained this way despite consuming and refuelling. I took the car to the dealer where they suggested I may have experienced a power spike. They removed the instrument cluster and recalibrated the fuel guage. I am not sure of the details, but it did work I noticed that the fuel guage has never worked properly since I owned the car. When the fuel level gets between a quarter and half a tank, sharp turns, sudden stops or parking on a steep upgrade will cause the guage to jump around and sometimes indicate full for a period of time. It had also gone back to normal functionning when refuelled or after starting the car again. Hope this will be of some help 1. Filler the tank full

2. Turn off engine and took out key

3. Took a strong magnet and slowly moved it closer to gauge until I saw some movement of the needle, then pull the magnet back.

4. Repeated this mhaybe 20 times until the fuel gauge read about 7/8 full.

5 Turn on key and everything worked.

6. I may have only been lucky but have let the car go to almost empty and refill was near a correct amount of fuel. I never go below 1/4 tank on any car so close would be enought.

7. You may need to turn the magnet around to make the needle move in the correct direction. I also plug a 9V battery into the ligher any time I disconnect the battery to make I do not spick the computer again.

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Q: Repairing an inoperative gas gauge on a 1997 Buick Park Avenue. Needle stuck behind stopper pin?
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Repairing an inoperative gas guage on a 1997 Buick Park Avenue. Needle stuck behind stopper pin?

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