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Replace the rear spark plugs on a dodge grand caravan?


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2009-11-27 15:55:36
2009-11-27 15:55:36

Recently, I replaced the plugs in my wifes 2003 caravan sport. The rear plugs were very challenging to say the least. It was suggested to put the car on a hoist and go from underneith but that was very frustrating. So, you need to lean in from the top end and twist your arm somewhat. As long as your arms arent too huge, you should be able to do this. Use a small ratchet, or a palm sized one with an extension. It took me about a half hour to do all 3 rear plugs.

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I would replace the spark plugs after 50K, the wires and plugs again at 100K.

I forgot to add that the motor in this 94 Dodge Grand Caravan ES is a 3.3L

Need to replace rear spark plugs

my van will crank, but won't start, had spark plugs change

Same way as the 01 Dodge grand caravan listed below, be really thin or remove the intake manifold....Im having the same issues it's not fun trust me.

I have changed my spark plugs on my 1996 dodge grand caravan SE the engine turns but it don't start. Is there a switch or something in my van that needs to be checked. How do I check my timing belt? What else can I check?

It has one per cylinder. 4 for a four cylinder. 6 for a six cylinder.

Could be in need of a tune up. Replace spark plugs, wires, air and fuel filters.

In most cases a block heater replaces one of t he freeze plugs in the engine

Then you'll have three good spark plugs and three bad spark plugs. Not a good combination. I suppose you want to know if it will hurt anything though. The answer is no but if the three old plugs are shot it won't run very good.

Yoiu have to reach around the intake plenumn from the top.

The 3 rear plugs are very easy to change once the van is on a lift and you are underneath the van. The plugs are completely visible and accessible from underneath the van.

you will have to go under.raise it up ,put some jack stands and reach up!

i find it easier to go under and around. Haveing a pit really helps with this.

Various strategically placed areas on the block.

Sorry but without the year and engine size, I cannot answer your question. But, any Auto Parts store that sells you the plugs can provide the answer.

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