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be careful with acne. if you pick at it, it turns out it actually does make little scars on your face. this makes sense because picked-at acne is little wounds.

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Q: Replaced 1998 Infiniti water corrosion shorted power antenna now antenna will go up and return when power short but does not rise and return when the radio is run where is radio to antenna fuse?
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1993 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme power antenna will not turn off or go down?

First physical pull the antenna all the way up, clean the antenna very good with a degreaser, then lubricate it with a silicon spray. Open the trunk, unplug the power to the antenna, start your car with the radio turned on, stop the engine, plug the power source to antenna back in. Try it now, if you still have the same problem, either the relay is stuck and needs replacing or the antenna motor is shorted and needs to be replaced.

How do you test a pl-259 connector leading to a ham antenna?

the best way is to first ohm it with the antenna disconnected test from center to shield for "open" it should be open then test from center to center for "short" it should be shorted replace the antenna and test the VSWR on your antenna

Why does a 1997 international 4700 truck blows fuses when using left signal?

The wiring in the left turn signal circuit shorted out. Or it can be the socket that the left turn signal light screws into is shorted out. Look for bare wires or corrosion.

Fuse keeps blowing when replaced?

There is an overcurrent situation in the circuit, could be a wire shorted to ground.

What happens when a rectifier stops working?

it no longer rectifies the current it is either open or shorted must be replaced

How does a knock sensor go bad?

In most cases corrosion will cause a knock sensor to go bad. The knock sensor can also be shorted out by an electrical surge.

What would cause one of the spark plug wires not to fire?

disconnected plug, bad plug, shorted plug, corrosion inside plug, missing plug

What does shorted mean?

The term shorted means to be shorted out of money, change when reciving change from a transaction!

Why does the radio flash on and off on a Ford Focus?

kinda depends what's wrong with it. Replacing it with a new one will remediate almost any problem, except for wiring, shorted antenna, or blown speaker.

Why would my ac switch and vent selector control not work in my 1998 Chevy Silverado after I have replaced the stereo?

shorted a wire? knocked a wire loose?

Why does a 1994 Chevy Astro Van motor keeps running after ignition is turned off?

The blower resistor is internally shorted to power and needs to be replaced.

Why would the fuel fuse keep blowing when we replaced the fuel pump on a 91 S10 pickup 4.3 liter?

The wire may be shorted to the frame.

Why am I blowing fuses for a 89 Caprice Classic every time I turn the car on for the power antenna?

The power antenna is located behind the passenger side front fender behind the front wheel. The motor is shorted out which could be wear and tear or driving through deep water. I think you have to remove the fender to get at it. VBdenny

How do you fix your radio on your Ford Focus?

Kinda depends what's wrong with it. Replacing it with a new one will remediate almost any problem, except for wiring, shorted antenna, or blown is off and radio is still on

Why doesn't my 2002 Chevy Suburban signal lights work?

Could be any number of things: * burnt out bulb, * blown fuse, * bulb loose in light socket, * corrosion in the light socket, * wire disconnected or shorted out.

Why would the windshield wipers only work when the right turn signal is on on a Mercury Villager?

You probably have shorted wires inside the combo switch. The assembly will need to be replaced.

What causes the 40 amp ignition fuse to blow on an 2001 Mitsubishi Montero limited I replaced it and it still blows?

something on that circuit is shorted, the short needs to be repaired.

What does code P0135 mean on 2006 cobalt?

The code refers to the front oxygen sensor on bank 1. That O2 sensor needs to be replaced or the wiring has come loose or is shorted out.

Your starter keeps shorting out no wires are touching and kills the battery when trying to start What could be the reason for the starter shorting or grounding out?

If you have just replaced this starter then you probably have it hooked up incorrectly. If it is still the same old starter, then it has shorted out inside and needs to be replaced.

What could cause a total electrical failure in a 1994 Chevrolet Beretta?

Remove both battery cables and be sure there isn't any corrosion and then reinstall them and be sure they are tight. If that does not fix the problem then check the power distribution box and be sure it hasn't shorted.

95 neon car shutdown in fast lane fuel pump fuse blew when replaced blows as soon as you turn key relays are good fuse blows with relays in or out fuse still blows after elec is disconect at fuel pump?

I had the same problem it was a shorted wire under the driverside causing the fuse to blow when you turn the ignition my downstream oxygen sensor wires shorted out (melted and fused together). check for anything shorted out connecting that fuse.

How do I fix 12V power outlet in VW 99 Jetta tbat won't work?

its proally shorted out if you have had a small piece of metal example loose change it needs to be replaced or check the fuse

What can a shorted battery do in a car?

Analysing a circuit with a shorted component?

Analysing a circuit with a shorted component need specialised electrical test equipment.

What causes the fuel pump fuse to burn out on a 1992 ford crown Victoria?

A blown fuse indicates a shorted circuit somewhere in the system. Could be a shorted power wire to ground, or a shorted componet in the system.