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Voltage regulator is in computer. Check Alternator, then check computer

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Q: Replaced alternator 1997 jeep wrangler when you start it up and run for about 5 min the voltmeter drops to zero and the check gauges light comes on also getting code 12 and 47?
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Can the Voltage Regulator be replaced on a 2003 Chevy Suburban without getting a new alternator?

No, because it is built into the alternator.

How do I test the alternator on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

Connect a voltmeter across the battery terminals without engine running reading should be around 12.8 With engine running reading should be 13.8-14.2 if you are getting these numbers alternator is charging battery

Lincoln mark viii 98 you replaced the altnernator and now your car wont run unless you charge the battery yourself what is the problem?

With the engine running, test the voltage of the battery using a voltmeter. You SHOULD be getting anywhere from 13.5 to 14.5 volts if the alternator is functioning properly. Turn on the headlights and rear window defroster and make sure you can hold the voltage level (you'll need someone to keep the engines at about 2000RPM's. If the alternator isn't producing sufficient voltage, you either have a faulty alternator or the replacement was not connected properly.

Why is the battery light on in my 93 Crown Victoria It has a new battery and a new alternator.?

Since you replaced the battery and alternator, you must have had a problem before. Did you run a voltmeter on the battery while the engine is running? Should have around 14 volts. If you are getting around 14 volts, you can assume that the lite might be faulty. If you are getting say, 12 to 13 volts, then the alternator might be faulty, yes even sometimes rebuilt ones. Check all the wires to make sure there is good contact, also if you still have the problem, then you might have a broken wire ( somewhere ). Good luck

Why is your battery not getting charge when the alternator tested good twice?

Loose or corroded connections or the battery has a dead cell and will not accept a charge and must be replaced.

Fuse alternator 1995 mercury mystique?

I have a 2.0 1995 Mercury mystique the battery charge light was on no output on old alternator. Replaced alternator No output from new alternator "charge light out" (wiggle test wires& re-check wires) at alternator *still no output* is there a fuse that could be the problem or just another bad alternator... I would check the alternator plug before getting another alternator, it may be bad. And is a lot cheaper to replace.

1996 Taurus battery charging light came on replaced the alternator and the problem seemed to disappear day later light back on battery not getting charged bad alternator?

you may have a bad battery or a bad voltage regulator

How to replace alternator on 2000 sts?

big job requires a lift as it comes out the bottom and i have replaced many radiators that novices have ripped a hole in getting the alt. out

1995 jeep wrangler you are getting no spark from the coil you have replaced the coil replaced the crank sensor i took out the ecm and swapped it with one from a 1991 the 1991 ran with my ecm mine stil?

did you try the control module or the switch just behind the dash on top of the steering column

You have replaced the battery and your car started right up one time and now just clicking when you turn it over?

The alternator is not charging the battery, therefore, the coil is getting it's charge only from the battery.

Fuel is not getting to the carburetor on my 97 Jeep Wrangler Any suggestions?

you do not have a carburetor on a 97 jeep wrangler. check your fule pump (it is in the gas tank)

My alternator is not getting power from the battery The wiring from the battery to the solenoid and from the solenoid to the alternator is good is this a bad solenoid the car will start and run?

Check for a bad fusable link at alternator

Alternator and battery have been changedIs there another reason why the battery gage would still read low?

Ignore the in-dash gauge. Find a good, well calibrated voltmeter, start the engine and test the voltage at the battery. If you're getting somewhere near 13.5 Volts with the engine just off idle, don't worry about it. If it's UNDER 12 Volts, you probably don't have a connection from the keyswitch to the alternator.

Would alternator connectors cause a battery light to be on?

yes if one of the wires was getting an earth from the alternator cover or rubbing off the engine the battery light is really an alternator light warning you that the alternator is not charging the battery

Is Miley Cyrus getting replaced?

Somepeople thinks so but they will never be replaced.

I am not getting voltige from alternator to battery how Dow you check sbec to see if your voltage regulator is bad?

i have checked the alternator and it is good but i am not getting juice how do i check to see if the alternater is sending power to the SBEC?

Getting enough amps from the alternator but not enough to the battery?

depends on what way you are testing it but you either have a bad connection between the alternator and the battery or your battery is bad and cant hold the charge what voltage are you getting

What does it mean when the battery light stays on in a 1995 Lincoln Mark 8 for two weeks after the alternator has been replaced?

re check the two wire connector to alternatorDid you check the Battery connections? Typically, you want to replace the battery with a new one when you replace the alternator. Are you getting any messages in your message center? Stuff like "check Charging System"?What voltage is the battery sitting at with the motor running and the lights on?did you consider the alternator might be bad? Yes, I know, new alternator, but that doesn't mean it's always 100% good.

Why is my 1990 Chevy van G20 alternator not charging and is not getting power?

The alternator is not getting power? At any of the wires or just the main/largest one? If you are testing the large wire, this is the output side that runs to the battery. If there is no power in this wire where it connects to the alternator it must have a bad connection at the alternator or at the battery or a break somewhere in between. If there is power there, I would look at the fuses.

Why would the battery in a VW Jetta not be getting any charge if it has been replaced but you still have the same problem?

You need to check if the ALTERNATOR is giving the correct output so as to charge the battery. By having a volt meter across the batery terminals one can then rev the engine and the voltage accross the battery should be about 13.8 volt indicating that the Alternator is charging the battery. If this 12 volt bateery voltage does not increase, this indicates a charging problem (mostly with the alternator either the brushes or one of the diodes in the alternator).

What movie is Taylor Lautner getting replaced in?

He was supposed to get replaced in new moon but didnt :P

Why did your new battery die on your 92 Lexus ls400?

When my battery kept dying on mines I have the same make and model. First I kept getting it recharged it still kept dying then I got someone to look at it and it was my alternator when I replaced that it did just fine.

Why does the engine shake when the elecrical cored from the alternator is plugged in?

You put a "load"on the engine; the alternator is energized, getting power from the engine in order to produce electricity.

Why do lights flicker 1997 Chevy Lumina?

the regulator is getting bad in the alternator

Why does your jeep tj wrangler stall when you come to a stop?

Your Jeep Wrangler is not getting the proper amount of gas if it stalling when you come to a complete stop. This could be your fuel pump, fuel lines, or the intakes.