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Replaced your timing chain and gears on your 1995 Nissan 24 the truck runs but very low on power please help?

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2008-09-08 07:57:11

timing chain and gears were replaced correct? if the problem

started immediately after that was changed then most likely the

timing is off.

timing chain very rarely needs to be changed. the motor or trans

usually goes before that. The timing gear and chain is recommended

to be replaced every (I think) 50k miles, but usually goes longer

than that. I'm going on 130k miles on a 720 I bought with 170k

miles already on it and I'm getting ready to put in a second

new timing chain (plus unknown number of replacements before I

bought it). Engine and trans still haven't failed yet.

If the timing chain was replaced incorrectly, the valve timing

can be off anywhere from a little to a lot. This would definitely

affect its performance. It is a difficult thing to check without


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