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No, You don't put anything on Head, Exahust or intake gaskets. CJ

actually you do put a 1/8'th inch bead of black silicone on the gasket to ensure no leaks occur and it also helps hold the gasket in place when your putting the intake manifold on. I'm a Ford master technician, you ALWAYS use silicone when replacing intake and head gaskets.


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Q: Replacing the head gasket on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier do you need to use sealant on the gasket of the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold?
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Do you have to use gasket sealant to replace an exhaust manifold?

In most cases a new gasket is required, but no sealant.

Is rtv sealant necessary when replacing intake manifold gasket in 1994 Chevy 5.7 350 engine?

You need the sealant on the ends where the supplied gaskets don't cover fully.

What is the general cost for replacing the sealant and backer rod on expansion joints?

what is the general cost for sealant replacing in expansion joints

Is there a spray sealant for air intake leaks?

Not that I've heard of. Replacing the gaskets and inspecting the manifold for warping or cracks is the best way to stop intake vacuum leaks.

Why does a 1969 dodge slant six spray oil from the front exhaust manifold bolt hole?

There should be a stud (not a bolt) threaded in to the head and the stud should have a thread sealant applied to the threads.

Do you use exhaust sealant on straight pipe joints?

Yes, wherever there is a joint between 2 pipes, use exhaust sealant to prevent a bad seal between the pipes, which will prevent it blowing.

Do you have to have sealant in addition to the gasket for replacing oil pan?

From experience I would say yes

If you are replacing a freeze plug must you clean the surrounding opening and what about a sealant?

when replacing a frost plug u can use a sealant but only use silicone u dont realy need it and yes u have to clean the area good

Would silicon seal an exhaust system?

Yes. You should use a high temperature silicon sealant.

Where is the thermostat located on the 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

On the 3.1 LS model, the thermostat is in the intake manifold, just underneath the air intake, and between the exhaust crossover and the manifold. Trace the upper radiator hose back to a metal pipe from the engine, that is the thermostat housing. Replacing it means using a ratcheting box-end (10mm?) or open end wrench to start and finish, and fingertips for the rest, so NOT when the engine is hot! The thermostat fits horizontally into the manifold, and comes with its own molded gasket, which fits into a recess, and doesn't require gasket sealant. I just changed mine, so good luck.

Will adding selant to head gasket when replacing cause damage?

Possibly. Only add sealant if it is called for by the manufacture.

Is there a sealer to stop a leaking intake manifold gasket?

no, but you can replace the gasket entirely add the sealant ensuring a leak free fit.

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