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Replacing the head gasket on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier do you need to use sealant on the gasket of the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold?


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2009-08-14 22:05:01
2009-08-14 22:05:01

No, You don't put anything on Head, Exahust or intake gaskets. CJ

actually you do put a 1/8'th inch bead of black silicone on the gasket to ensure no leaks occur and it also helps hold the gasket in place when your putting the intake manifold on. I'm a ford master technician, you ALWAYS use silicone when replacing intake and head gaskets.



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In most cases a new gasket is required, but no sealant.

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You need the sealant on the ends where the supplied gaskets don't cover fully.

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Not that I've heard of. Replacing the gaskets and inspecting the manifold for warping or cracks is the best way to stop intake vacuum leaks.

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There should be a stud (not a bolt) threaded in to the head and the stud should have a thread sealant applied to the threads.

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Yes, wherever there is a joint between 2 pipes, use exhaust sealant to prevent a bad seal between the pipes, which will prevent it blowing.

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