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when replacing a frost plug u can use a sealant but only use silicone u dont realy need it and yes u have to clean the area good

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Q: If you are replacing a freeze plug must you clean the surrounding opening and what about a sealant?
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How do you fix a freeze plug leak on a 1988 wrangler when sealant wont work?

Pull the old freeze plug, clean up the hole, press in a replacment. Unfortunately you may need to remove a lot of peripheral stuff to get to the freeze plug.

What do you do if your pipes freeze?

Turn up the heat after opening the faucets (TAPS)

What causes heater core failure?

Never flushing & replacing your anti-freeze/coolant...

How can water be going into oil or out the exhaust after replacing freeze plug in back of head?

Did you remove the head?.....If so, the head gasket is probably incorrect or incorrectly installed, or possibly a cracked head or block.....Why did the freeze plug need replacing?....

Where is freeze plug located on Chevy 350?

There isn't just ONE freeze plug; there are many, and they're all in the "water jacket" surrounding the cylinders.

How can a person freeze dry mushrooms at home?

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Why is Anti-freeze leaking on a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica?

possibly the radiator cap is not holding pressure, try replacing it

Why does your 1997 dodge grand caravan left signal always freeze?

Try replacing the bulb if not that check the flasher

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Either your game is old and needs replacing, has bugs, is just plain bad, or you have a low-quality DS game, because mine does not freeze on me.

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On a 1999 Sebring is there an additive that can be used to stop freeze plug leak without actually replacing them?

try J.B. weld

How do you replace an inboard Motor in a boat?

My boat is a 1996 Four Winns Jet boat, and I am replacing a freeze break motor.

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