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Role and importance of sales promotion in promotion mix?


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The role of sales promotion is to persuade new consumers to purchase products and build loyalty amongst current customers.


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The role of promotion within the marketing mix is critical to the success or failure of products coming on to the market. A business total marketing communications programme is called the promotional mix and consists of a blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations tool. The promotion decision should be made in the context of other aspects of the marketing mix. The price and quality of a product relative to competition affects the nature of its promotional perspectives. Promotion will be different depending on what the marketers are trying to achieve such as greater sales volume or competitive advantage etc.

The Marketing Mix is the 4ps • price • promotion • placemen • product. The promotion mix is • Personal Selling • Sales Promotion • Public Relations • Direct Mail • Trade Fairs and Exhibitions • Advertising • Sponsorship

A marketing communications mix is the same as a promotion mix and is just another term for promotion mix. There are five marketing communications to put into the mix: Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Personal Selling, and Direct Marketing. This basically all boils down to a mix of promotional efforts to bring in sales and increase brand equity.

Direct Marketing Personal Selling PR Advertising Sales Promotion

The main components of the promotional mix are advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion.

Promotion mix is a term used to describe a combination of different advertising methods. There are 5 main methods used. They are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct selling, and public relations.

The man role of the marketing mix is to promote a brand and create awareness. The marketing mix is summarized as 4Ps which stands for price, place, promotion and product.

The concept of "promotion mix" refers to using a combination of different promotional techniques on one product line. For example, a mix of print advertising, broadcast advertising, direct marketing, personal sales and merchandise displays.

Promotion is one of the important part of any marketing mix. It involves planning of all promotional activities (Like Road shows, sponsoring events, Exhibitions etc.) to aware the consumer about the brand or product so as to increase the sales in terms of both volume & value. This also involves planning of POP & POS material require for a particular campaign.

Promotion mix, in marketing, involves selling, sales promotions, public relations and advertising. Factors that affect this include a product's life cycle and the stage in which it currently is, product features, buyer readiness, distribution type and buyer types.

the factors considered when selecting a promotion mix

The sales mix percentage is calculated by dividing the sales for each product in the mix by the total sales for all products. Further calculations can be figured out from the sales mix percentage.

SALES MIX VARIANCE= standard sales-revised std sales

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want to know about the importance of promotional mix

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Features of Service Marketing. It includes the 7 p's namely- product mix, price mix, place mix, promotion mix, people mix, process mix, physical evidence mix. Unlike in marketing which has only 4 p's (product, price, place, promotion).

THE PROMOTIONAL MIX:Consists of the following components:Advertising Examples: Media, Tv, Press and shopping bagsPersonal Selling Examples: the sales forces from both the suppler and retailerSales Promotion Example: Samples and retail store windowsPublicity Examples; unsolicited publicityDirect Marketing (A newer addition) Example: Sales direct from producers to consumers

(a) What are the major objectives of promotion strategy in a manufacturing and Marketing organization? Suggest suitable promotion mix in the following categories : i) Banking Services ii) Smart phones iii) Mineral Water

Product Price Places Promotion

product, place, price, and promotion

AdvertisementSales promotionevents & experiencepublic relatives &publicityDirect marketinginteractively marketingmouth marketingpersonal marketing

Well this just means, how the different methods of promotion are introduced in the market and how effective they are.

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