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using data structure an element can insert at any position easily. with out traversing through the entire list.

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Q: Role of data structure to insert an element in the data structure?
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What is push operation in data structure?

insert an item in data structure is known as a push operation.... push an element is stack means we are inserting an element into stack.

Time taken to insert an element after an element pointed by some pointer in data structure?


Every data structure in data warehouse contains time element?

Every data structure in the data warehouse contains the time element. Why?

Linear and non linear data structure?

linear data structure define as it traverses the data element sequentially in which only one data element can directly be reached. for ex- array , linked list. non linear data structure in which every data item is attached to several other data items in a way that is specific for reflecting relationships. The data items are not sequential structure. Ex: Trees, Graphs

What is the first in first out data structure?

QUEUE is the first in first out (FIFO) data structure. It is a linear data structure in which insertion of an element is done from rear end of a list and deletion of an element is done from front end of a list. For example- people in queue waiting for bus.

What are linear and non linear data structure?

when elements are accesed or placed in contiguous memory location yhen data structure is known as linear data structure. stacks, arrays, queues and linklists are example of data structure. in non-linear data structure element are not placed in sequential manner. trees, graph are the ex. of non-linear data structure.

What is traversing in data structure?

visit each element in a list at least onces.

Assuming an emty list what operations are used to delete and insert a data?

Delete is not possible for an empty list, insert is something like this: Create a new list-element. Register it as the first element of the list. Register it as the last element of the list.

What is the role of data structure in compiler design?

The role of the data structure in compiler designer is to take an input of a program written in another language and produce an output in another language. It also performs error detection.

Is array structure union is a collection of homogeneous type of data element?

They is three different things.

Should element in an array must be of primitive data type?

No, it can be array, structure or union as well.

What is hierarchical structure in dbms?

In hierarchical database structure, data elements are linked together as an inverted tree structure. there's a root data element, below the root ,there are subordinate elements, each of which has its own subordinate elements and so on. It can have multiple levels. Data elements have parent-child relationship. A parent data element can have more than one subordinate elements, but a child can be connected with only one parent. Its limitation is it cannot provide flexibility in data access. because every data element can be accessed through a definite path from the root data element. All the relationships between data elements should map properly when tree structure is first designed.this database model is used in several database applications because data elements of several applications can be organized as a hierarchical tree structure.

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