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Ronald regans political party?

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Reagan was a Republican when he ran for office. I believe he leaned toward the Democrats in his early years.

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Did Ronald Reagan have Political Parties

Ronald Reagan ran as a Republican Party candidate for the office of Governor of California and President of the United States.

Republican (1962-2004) Democratic(1929-1962)

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Reagan was a Democrat when he first joined a political party. As he put it, he never left the Democratic party, but rather it left him (by changing its ideals)

Ronald Regan was a member of the Republican Party

There was a Republican President (Ronald Reagan, then George H.W. Bush), and a Democratic majority in Congress.

From 1962-2004 (his death) Reagan was a Republican. Pre 1964 Reagan was a Democrat.

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Ronald Reagan was originally a member of the Democratic party but switched to the Republican party in 1962. He was never chairman of the Democratic party.

Reagan was initially a registered Democrat; he became a Republican in 1962 and was elected Governor of California and President of the US as a Republican

When Ronald Reagan switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party in 1962, he was quoted to have said, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, they left me."

Ronald Reagan began his political life in the Democratic Party, but as he became more and more conservative, he ultimately changed to the Republican Party in the early 1960s. That was where he spent the most successful years of his political career. He was elected Governor of California and later President of the United States as a Republican, and was closely aligned with Republican causes throughout his time in office.

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My favourite political party is the Republican party. Never vote for the Anarchist's political party.

For a while, Mr. Reagan was a centrist Democrat; but eventually, around 1962, his political views changed. He decided to become a conservative Republican, and he ran for president as a Republican.

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Yes, he was in a political party

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