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Sample of unsolicited letter?


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July 03, 2011 11:16AM



To Whom It May Concern:

As [YOUR POSITION, ex. Vice President] of [FIRM NAME, ex. PowerAccount Limited], I have known [NAME, ex. James] for [DURATION, ex. the past four years], during which time [he/she] was our [POSITION, ex. northern division sales manager]. [STATE EX-EMPLOYEE'S RESPONSIBILITIES, ex. His responsibilities involved setting and meeting sales goals, developing sales and marketing strategies as well as managing a staff of over 50 personnel.]

[STATE EX-EMPLOYEE'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND SKILLS WITH EXAMPLES, ex. John's division was consistently outperforming all other divisions. Since he started working for us four years ago, we have seen his division's sales increase threefold. You will thus understand when I state that he is an exceptional salesperson. He is also extremely good with people and he knows how to motivate them. Accordingly, his managerial skills are outstanding. I also found his work to be prompt, deliberate and the product of extraordinary analytical skills.]

I do not hesitate, thus, to give [NAME, ex. John] my highest recommendation. We were certainly displeased to lose [him/her] [STATE REASON, ex. as he relocated to Boston for new opportunities]. I wish [him/her] the best in his new career; the firm [he/she] chooses to join will indeed be fortunate to have [him/her].


[YOUR NAME, ex. Tony Montana]