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Seat warmers on 2001 Tahoe stopped working along w acc cig outlets all fuses look good now what?


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2009-06-26 19:43:54
2009-06-26 19:43:54

Use an automotive test light and see if you have power at the cigarette lighter accessory plugs. Than test both prongs on the fuse installed with the light. See if the fuse is getting juice.


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2002 Tahoe speedometer quit working and trans will not shift, ABS light on. NEW ANSWER: You need to have the engine and transmission scanned with an OBDII engine scanner so you can find out what speed sensor has gone bad / quite working.

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I have a 96 Tahoe and mine stopped working. The most common reason is heat build up inside the blower motor switch caused a meltdown on the backside of the switch and it shorted it out completely. The dash pops off and the switch housing comes out with two screws and unplugs. It's a part you can buy at the local auto store (in my case Autozone) and it's now working again just fine. hope this helps

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