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cuneiform is the answer

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Q: Set of written symbols each representing a given sound or sounds which can be variously combined to form all the words of a language?
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Is word a word?

Yes. Here is the definition. WORD : a collection of letter symbols representing an expression in written language.

What is a series of symbols representing sounds of language and arranged in an order is called?

The IPA international phonetic alphabet was made for this.

What is a system of symbols that can be combined in an infinite number of ways and can represent not only objects but also abstract thought?

A written language.

What symbols represent the signs of the zodiac?

The symbols representing the signs can be found at the site below.

Symbols representing hepheastus?

A hammer, a blacksmith or forge.

What are all 204 letters in Japanese language?

There are no letters in the Japanese writing system. Japanese officially uses the following set of symbols, which total a lot more than 204:Hiragana - 71 symbols, each representing the sound of a syllable.Katakana - 71 symbols, each representing the sound of a syllable, used mainly to write foreign words.Kanji - officially there 2,136 symbols, each representing a word or concept. In practice, there are thousands more. Kanji are borrowed from Chinese, which has more than 50,000 symbols.Chart of Hiragana and Katakana charactersChart of Kanji characters

What is orthographic alphabet?

Orthographic means a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols, such as a letter or a book or the ancient writings of Egypt as found on ancient tombs or buildings.

What are some symbols representing Hera?

The peacock, scepter and the diadem.

What is an example Symbolism?

;0 its just representing something by symbols.

Numbers combined with mathematical symbols?

i no it is not equations...

Symbols representing fear?

anything you might be afraid of is to you a symbol of fear.

What is a set of symbols that represents the sound of a language?

The alphabet is a set of symbols that represents the sounds of a language.