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Should I add my mother's name on the loan or put the loan in her name?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-16 02:36:52

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A loan applicant can't just "put somebody else's name" on the app. Either your mom is taking out the loan or she's cosigning for it. Either way, she will have to sign the paperwork.

2006-08-16 02:36:52
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Q: Should I add my mother's name on the loan or put the loan in her name?
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Can I add my mothers name to my car registration if she is not on the loan?

Yes, you can add anyone to the title you want.

How do you add a name to a loan?

The original loan would need to be refinanced.

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Can you take out a car loan and add someone to registration For example you do not have the best credit so your fiance gets a car loan Can he then add your name to the registration?

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How do you add my name on my mothers deed if she passed away i have the will i am the beneficiary?

Call your County Clerk's office.

How do you add your name on to your husband's car title when it is being held by a loan company?

you cannot

When you refinance your house and add your spouse's name to the refinance loan does that automatically add his name to the title?

of course since you are using their income. of course since you are using their income.

How do you add your child as joint tenant to your home loan?

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Can you add a previous car loan into a new car loan?

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Can a title loan add there name to your registration without you being present or having a signed title?

No. that is illegal. you must be present.

Can I add more time on my auto loan?

You can go to your local bank who has financial planners who can take a look at your situation and assess what your next steps should be. Usually they can readjust the loan to suit your needs.

Can you add a co-borrower to an existing home loan?

No, you have to refinance the mortgage. The person you want to add to the loan needs to apply with you on the new one.

How can you write an application letter for a salary loan?

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What is a closed end loan?

It's a type of loan that once it's paid off it's closed you can't add on to this loan again.

Do you add a loan to cash on balance sheet?

Cash is added as asset and amount of loan is recored as a liability.

Can you add your mother and sister to your home deed and refinance the mortgage without your name on the new loan?

If you will still be an owner then you will also have to sign the mortgage.

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I put a down on my car and make all the payments. No credit to go on my own but now the other person is out of my life. How do you remove the primary on an auto loan and add a cosigner?

The only way to get the other persons name of the auto loan is if you finance there another lender. The other finance company pays off the amount left on the existing loan, and then form a new contract soley with you name on it. But what if you don't have the credit to get a loan in your own name?

Johnson finance loan agency exist or not?

No its a con. See: Lincon Finance Loan Agency. Same add!

How can you get a loan put on your Account now Visa card?

You can add the money from the loan to your card anywhere that accepts the card.

If your husband has a mortgage in his name only and was 60 days late how can the mortgage company put it on your credit report and add your name to the loan when you never signed anything?

The mortgage company can not add your name to a loan that you did not close on. However.... Several states allow companies that extend credit to hold both spouses liable if they are married at the time the debt was incurred. I would recommend that you talk to legal counsel in your state if you are in this situation.

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