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No, there are several companies that deal with identity theft. You should register for these companies, and they will hire the lawyer on your behalf.


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You can protect yourself against identity theft and fraud by using services such as Lifelock. You can learn more about this service at the official Lifelock website.

A personal injury attorney should be consulted when cases of identity theft occur. The Yellow Pages is a good place to look for lawyers advertising this service.

Identity theft is a felony in all states. It is considered a Class C felony.

The number of identity fraud incidents rose by one million in 2014

Identity fraud is when someone hacks into your computer, uses your credit cards, and steals personal information. (etc). Identity theft is actually stealing your identity to use credit cards (etc.), or perform crimes and you're the fall guy (hacks into a bank using your computer, or uses your name for some crime).

Your credit score is in danger of being affected in negative ways in case of identity theft and it would take time to remove any fraudulent purchases from your record. If your identity has been stolen in a fraudulent act, you should ask the credit bureaus to place a "fraud alert" on your record. For identity theft, you can ask the credit bureau to send you two copies of your of your credit report. They should be sent to you free after you have sent in a police report on the identity theft.

The easiest way to do so is to go to Yahoo or Google site and enter such search in form of "identity theft lawyers'. You may narrow down such search by adding additional words, like your state abbrevation or city

Computer fraud including identity theft and hacking / malicious computer attacks

Identity theft fraud is best reported to the police, who will file a report and begin investigation. It is useful to contact credit card companies and freeze any accounts to prevent credit cards or bank accounts from being accessed.

Talk to the State's Attorney's office, and ask them what you can do about identity theft.

Identity theft and identity fraud are crimes. To get into touch with companies specializing in identity theft solutions and prevention one could first ask for information from the United States Department of Justice. They have addresses and telephone nubers of government and non-government organisations and companies.

No. It is fraud and identity theft . You can go to jail.

Your home internet and network should be protected by a password to stop identity theft.

Having a notary at a transaction guarantees that each person is who they claim to be which cuts down on fraud and identity theft.

Yes, it is illegal to claim another person's money. It is called stealing and fraud, plus impersonation of another's identity, or identity theft.

That is fraud and identity theft. You could end up in jail yourself.

Identity theft is a major problem but there are much bigger problems in the world than identity theft.

Credit fraud is a form of identity theft. There are several things an individual can do to prevent identity theft, many of them based in common sense. An understanding of the techniques used, both by criminals and family or friends, is important, too. Often, extending help to a friend can end up in extensive credit fraud. This site offers an overview of how to protect oneself:

I personally do not think that money should only be electronic due to the rapid growth rate of identity theft.

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