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If you like a girl hug for a wile and then make your move.

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Q: Should I kiss my boyfriend when I am only 13?
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Related questions

Should you let your 13 year old girl kiss her 15 year old boyfriend?


What do you get a boyfriend for Christmas when your 13?

A kiss

You and your boyfriend are both 13 and you are shy around each other you never kiss what do you do?

Ok, you're only 13, just wait. If you want to make out, go for it.

How can you get your 13 year old boyfriend to kiss you?

just go close to him and just kiss him and i m sure he will kiss you

You are 15 but your boyfriend is 13 and he wants to kiss you what should you do if you want to kiss him but is afrared to kiss him?

Don't kill him. If you want to kiss him, then just do it. Not at school if you're shy, maybe after school or take him on a walk in your neighborhood or a park. It'll come when the time is right.

How should I kiss my 13 year old boyfriend?

Wait for a moment when you're both alone, then just lean over and give him a kiss. It's actually very easy then one might think.

How old do you have to be to have your first kiss?

well, when I had my first kiss I was only 10! It feels SO good and right now I am 12 and my boyfriend and I have went on to the french kiss. My boyfriend says that all boys want in a girl is kindness, passion, prettiness, and sexy girls. well i think you have to like 13 or 14 but when i had mine i was 14

How do you kiss your boyfriend at the age of 13?

you dont...your too young. go tothe movies

Is it a bad thing to tell your 13 year old sister to not kiss in front of with her boyfriend?


How do you kiss your 13 year old boyfriend?

You should always let him be the one to kiss you first. Guys should always make the first moves, but with that you could also lead him on and maybe talk to him about it. Or get flirty about it so then they will understand what you are getting at. Lead him on and see if he will catch on to you. :) -Cassie

If preteens are in a relationship do they kiss?

Well you have to be ready. I believe that people should not kiss till they are truly in-love and are around the age of 13-14. You should not go to far though. Sex is not good for only preteens.

The best gift to get for your 13 year old boyfriend for Valentine's day?

A kiss and a hug is fine for him :]

Should you have your first kiss when your 12?

There is no should or shouldn't. A first kiss for everyone varies with age. I am 13, and I haven't gotten my first kiss.

When should someone have first kiss?

13 but if no one will kiss you call me on 0447273684

What if your boyfriend has said he wants to marry you but your only 13?

You should tell him that you guys are to young to get married. that you LOVE him but you think you should wait. good luck

What do you get your 13 year old boyfriend?

you should get him a small bear and chocolates chocolate kisses are the best chocolate to get your boyfriend because i did that with my boyfriend and for each chocolate kiss i got a kiss back For all you interested girls out there I'm a 13 year old boy and the best thing I ever got from my girlfriend was either her obviously dedicated valentines card or the blanket she made from scratch. So if you want to give him a present he thinks is awesome give him something you make with your own skills. By the way if your looking for a hug from your boyfriend he may just open up his arms, if not he may be a little shy and is not sure if you want a hug so you should open up your arms and signal a hug. If hes smart he'll take the initiative and hug you. If you want him to kiss you I really don't know for sure but I want a kiss from my 13 year old girlfriend and she wants one too, but she says she isn't old enough which made me think there is some parental reinforcment there. You need to determine whether his parents are uptight or cool with their daughters kissing. But I heard from most people that you should be friends with his friends so its easier to hang out, get boyfriend info., and learn what their favorite things are. I hope I was helpful, Alex Johnson 13 year old boy. By the way I need some help too... I want to know if my girlfriend wants a kiss do you want a kiss from your boyfriend?

What if your boyfriend loves you but he wont go near you when hes with his mates?


I am only 13. Is it good for me that I have a boyfriend?

no you only 13 don't worry about that yet

I'm 13 and so is my bf we want to kiss but we never hang out neotheo us I allowed to date what can we say to our parents so that we can hang out?

Explain to your parents that the relationship is harmless, and having them meet your boyfriend if they havent already if a good idea. But ultimately, you are 13 years old and if your parents do not want you to see this boy, you should listen to them until you're old enough to do as you please. Also, preferably, you should wait to kiss someone depending on the love you feel, not the desire to kiss.

Will Pete and Myka kiss in Warehouse 13?

Yes, they will. I forgot in which episod but they'll kiss in a hotel. Myka kiss Pete because she wanted to look like she have got a boyfriend because there was a man she had known from school;)

My boyfriend and I are 13. I want to buy him an inexpensive gift for Valentine's Day. What should I get him?

Well.... you should go somewhere that's not too cheap or expennsive. Like Walmart maybe. You should get him a CD or something or maybe a birthday kiss.

Can a 13-year-old boy kiss a 13-year-old girl on the head?

Yes it doesnโ€™t matter your age the only thing is love you should worry about

Is it okay for a 15 year old boy to kiss a 13 year old girl?

Yes, Its only a two year difference. It should be perfectly Okay.

Should 13 year olds french kiss?

sure, its not anyone's business to know how they kiss...

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you at age 11?

First have a boyfriend age 11. If you are any older than 13 expect ridicule if you are old than 16 expect knock on the door.