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Should a 10yaerr old should you get an email?


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2008-11-05 00:45:57
2008-11-05 00:45:57

uh yeah ur old enough


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Think about what is making you hesitate about getting him/her and email. Is she/he old enough to handle what you are thinking about? That should help you decide when to get and email for your child.

yes a new born teen should have an email it will help her/him a bit into adult hood

Of course! It's a great way to keep in touch.

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By the time they start middle school they should have one. But on AOL they have one just for kids.

probably...13? I have gmail and I thinks its awesome

it depends on the age if you have any more question email me @

There is no need for a 10 year old to have her own email address. If allowed you are only asking for trouble. Parents should monitor everything done on the computer, and computers should be located in an open area like the kitchen. To prevent any innappropriate viewing or emailing. Our children are to precious to let them be too private. Good luck.

i am 10 and have one... My neighbour is 5 and has one so I would say that he should have an e-mail

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At least 18. E-mails are very strict and important, they should only be in the hands of responsible and mature people.

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You should be atleast 18 years old.

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No site is 100% safe for anyone. If you are 10 years old you should not post the information anywhere on the internet, you should never post any personal information such as; email address, phone number, school, home address, name, etc. You should have parental supervision when accessing any site on the internet.

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