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It sounds as though he is at an age where he should think about wan to be able to retract it. this can be done with the use of foreskin stretching exercises.

if a foreskin has never been retracted there is no need to wash under it as the system protects itself against dirt and infection. however there is not much pleasure in sexual intercourse or masturbation if you can not move the foreskin.

Yes, it should retract so you can wash underneath it.

Try doing it in the bath or shower.

Regular masturbating will solve the problem he must stroke the penis hard downward towards the pelvis and soon he will be there.

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Why can't you retract the foreskin behind the head? The frenulum, the web of tissue on the underneath side that connect the foreskin to the head may be too tight. The opening in the fore skin may be too small, the foreskin itself may be too tight. Gently stretching the foreskin over time may give you enough to do it. Too much too quickly and the frenulum can be torn.

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Your foreskin should be able to be retracted before the age of 15, but you shouldn't leave it permanently retracted. It could lead to a decreased blood flow into the tip of the penis.

The foreskin should easily move back and forth across the glans. That is all that is needed. If it was to get stuck retracted it can cause loss of sensation and would be dangerous to your health.

The above statements are correct only if the foreskin is a phimotic one,ie: difficult to retract. Forceable retraction would lead to the foreskin getting stuck on the neck of the penis and this condition is known as paraphimosis. Otherwise it is perfectly all right to leave the foreskin permanently retracted.

I have been leaving mine permanently retracted since 15 with no adverse effect.

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You ought to be able to do that during puberty.

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Q: Should a 15 year old lad be able to retract his foreskin?
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Firstly, you shouldn't worry about having a tight foreskin (Phimosis) because there is always something that can be done to help and alleviate the condition. You may need to visit your GP for advice or referral to a Urologist for consultation and/or treatment if by the time you are an adult the skin is still tight and non-retractable. 95% of males can retract their foreskin by adulthood.Boys foreskins are fused to the glans at birth and do not retract until somewhere between the ages of 5-years-old and the teenage years, It varies. There should be no pressure put upon any boy to forcefully retract the skin as this can cause damage to the foreskin with stretching or splitting the skin thus causing scarring, and be dangerous if the foreskin was to get stuck behind the glans (Paraphimosis), this then causing a medical emergency ! If there is scarring on the foreskin it can make it harder to retract, if at all.Phimosis can be treated either by yourself or with medical assistance:By gentle stretching of the skin, with or without the use of a topical steroid cream prescribed by your GP.By changing masturbation habits and techniques. Try a different method to see if you can gently pull the foreskin back and forth when erect.Preputioplasty; which is minor plastic surgery to make a small slit cut into the tight ring on the foreskin making it wider to retract over the glans. There is always a risk that this simple surgery turns the cut into scarring as it heals which then reduces the width, and maybe causing phimosis to return again.Circumcision; which is to remove the foreskin completely and the more radical and severe of treatments. Most males can manage to function fully sexually though without the need for circumcision, even without the foreskin being able to fully retract.

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No. A tight foreskin is normal for 2 year olds. Usually the foreskin can not be retracted until at least 4 years of age. There is no need to wash under the foreskin until the boy can comfortably pull back his foreskin himself. Parents should never try to force back the foreskin, as this can cause injury to the penis and scaring, making it hard for the foreskin to retract when the boy is older. If phimosis persists for older boys, teenagers, or adults, it can be treated with a corticosteroid cream (betamethasone 0.05%, available by prescription) and gentle gradual stretching. This fixes phimosis in 90% of cases. Only if this doesn't work would circumcision even be considered.

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