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The answer would constitute a personal opinion rather than a legal one. In the majority of cases the judge will order supervised visitation at least for a set period of time. The court is very reluctant to prevent visitation between children and biological parents unless the children themselves have been abused.

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Q: Should a convicted domestic abuser have visitation with his child?
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Does domestic violence show in a criminal record?

If the abuser was tried and convicted of a felony such as assault, then yes, it will show up in a criminal record. If never convicted, then no.

If a man is founded as a child abuser and your child is the one he abused but is not the father of the abused child but is of your unborn child does he have rights to the unborn baby?

A court would never award custody or visitation rights to a convicted child abuser.

How much time do get for possession of a shotgun in Virginia?

If you are not a convicted felon, or have not been convicted of a crime of Domestic Violence, there is no prohibition against owning or possessing a shotgun, or any other firearm.HOWEVER - if you are a convicted felon or a convicted Domestic Abuser, and you are arrested in possession of a firearm, you could face up to 15 years in prison.

Does domestic violence disqualify someone for child custody?

Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.

What should you do if you are married to a domestic abuser and have a 7 year old daughter that the abuser has spread lies about?

Your best action is to leave him. He's not going to change. Seek legal advice and get away.

If you are a victim of domestic battery do you have to testify against the abuser?

when the case is filed in the court you have to testify the charges against the abuser and the onus is on you to prove it.

Do you let your child have a parent child relationship with your abuser after you've left?

If you do, best to have an attorney go to the courts for you and work on visitation parameters. IN WRITING.

Does domestic violence often involve pets?

No, domestic violence does not usually cover animal abuse.My abuser abused our CAT!They will hurt anything you love or like.

Can an admited and convicted first degree child abuser own a firearm?

You will need to consult with a lawyer for a legally correct and current answer.

What are the effects of domestic violence in relationship to economic inequality?

it shows that the abuser tries to be the more dominant in the relationship.

What is a common form of abuse where the abuser tries to keep the abused from family and friends?

domestic abuse or violence

Domestic violence therapy?

First assess risk of the violence. Seek counseling help and talk to the abuser.

What reaction do people have to domestic violence?

Disconnect with the abuser. Take steps to heal and recover from the mental trauma.

Should an animal abuser be able to keep their animal?

That's like asking "Should a child abuser be allowed to keep custody of their child?"

About the dangers of domestic violence?

There are many dangers involved in domestic violence. A victim of domestic violence can be affected mentally, physically, financially and even spiritually. The ultimate danger is the loss of life at the hands of the abuser.

Can a convicted felon be granted child custody in IN?

That is dependent on circumstances. If the parent is a loving parent, whereas the current primary residential parent is an abuser, than the felony should not matter, provided they are not repeating their crime.

What you should not do for an abuser person?

you shouldn't do anything

Why is Chris Brown called breezy?

It sounds better than domestic abuser. Why would you listen to that no-talent hack?

What happens if the victim does not show up to a domestic violence case in New York?

The court will record the fact the victim did not turn up for a domestic violence case and it will be up to the victim's lawyer to decide what is next. Sometimes the victim of abuse feels threatened by her abuser or has been threatened to drop the case against the abuser.

How can you find a domestic violence program for the abuser?

Look in the front of you local phonebook and it should have a 1(800) number for Abuse HOTLINE. They can give you a few suggestions and also the Department of Family Services in your community should know of some local programs.

What should cabin crew do if passanger abuses her?

Have the abuser arrested.

What is an animal abuser called?

Animal Abuser or Animal Cruelty Abuser

Should child molester's be named and shamed?

Not always, as naming the abuser can also name the victim or victims and put unhelpful stigma on them in addition to the abuser.

When will you tell your partner about your history of domestic violence?

That would be crazy if it was yourself who was the abuser, because you would want to pretend you're a good person!!

Domestic violence and Alaska federal gun laws?

The above is INCORRECT!!! State Law supercedes federal law and in Alaska the domestic violence misdemeanors ALL LACK THE "INTENT" NECCESSARY TO ENFORCE THE FEDERAL STATUTE! THERFORE YOU CAN OWN A GUN! Believe me, I searched long and hard to find this answer because people (like the above respondent) want you to believe that as an Alaska resident you aren't allowed to own a gun. Now there ARE exceptions. See the following excerpt from "It depends. If the abuser has been convicted of a felony in Alaska, is it illegal for him to have or buy a gun under federal law. Federal law also states that if someone has been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, he cannot have or buy a gun -- however, this currently does not apply to certain states on the West Coast, including Alaska.*But, if the abuser was convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor in which he used or had a gun, the gun may still be taken away. Alaska state law says that if a person had in his possession or used a deadly weapon while committing a crime involving domestic violence, the judge should order that the gun be taken away and given to the commissioner of public safety or a law enforcement agency. **In addition, Alaska state law says that a police officer who is investigating a crime of domestic violence can seize any deadly weapons that are in plain view at the scene of the crime, if the officer believes taking the weapon is necessary to protect you or your family. Also, if the abuser had or used a deadly weapon against you during the domestic violence, the police officer can take any weapons (in plain view or not) that the abuser has in his possession. However, if the weapon is not needed as evidence in a criminal case, the law enforcement agency that has the weapon must let the owner get the weapon back.***Alaska law defines domestic violence as certain crimes that are committed against you or a family or household member by a family or household member. The crimes include assault, stalking, harassment, sexual offenses, and violating a protective order, among others. For a more complete explanation of the crimes that qualify as "domestic violence," see What is the legal definition of domestic violence? For the definition of "household member" in Alaska, please see Who can get a protective order?* 18 USC § 922 (g)(9); (Note: although federal law prohibits owning or buying a gun if the abuser is convicted of a "domestic violence misdemeanor," none of Alaska's domestic violence misdemeanors have the 'intentional' element that is required under current case law to meet the federal definition. Therefore, a conviction for a domestic violence misdemeanor in Alaska does not make it illegal for an abuser to own or buy a gun. See United States v. Nobriga, 474 F.3d 561 (9th Cir. Ct App., 2006))** Alaska Statute § 12.55.015(f)*** Alaska Statute § 18.65.515(b)" Added: Thanks Matanuskathunder - following the cited references - it appears that Alaska law does, in fact, allow misdemeanent domestic violence offenders to possess firearms - under certain circumstances- and, insofar as the state of Alaska is concerned - I withdraw that portion of the answer.