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The answer would constitute a personal opinion rather than a legal one. In the majority of cases the judge will order supervised visitation at least for a set period of time. The court is very reluctant to prevent visitation between children and biological parents unless the children themselves have been abused.

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Q: Should a convicted domestic abuser have visitation with his child?
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The power relationship between the abuser and the victim?

The victim has no power or they would not be abused. The abuser always has the control. Children and the elderly are victimized often in society as well as men and women. The abuser will start out by abusing psychologically and 'put down' their victim until they leave their victim confused with no self confidence. The abuser may threaten to leave their victim (this is terrifying to the elderly); leave the wife and take the children; talk of killing the victim or anyone that is close to them. The abuser often isolates their victim so their victim has no family or friends to turn too and they have to suffer in silence and depend on their abuser.

Is Stacy Francis on The X Factor UK 2011?

I am not sure if Stacy Francis is on the X Factor, however, I know she is a victim of domestic violence. I have helped her through approaching the pain of facing her abuser, the harassing text messages, the lack of child support and the mental toll it has taken on her. For Stacy to bounce back, continue with her career and be a spokeswoman for domestic violence is a triumph of the human spirit. Do not judge her motives for you walk not in her shoes. It takes courage leave your abuser and talk about the violence you experienced, especially in an open forum. I am proud she has the fortitude to muster the strength and bring what happens in darkness into the light.

What is the quickest and least expensive way to let a biological father sign over parental rights?

Since each state has its own laws governing such an action, it is hard to say without knowing where you live. There is however nothing quick about the process. Judges are not that open to letting either parent just "quit". Unless there is clear evidence that the parent is unfit, as in a convicted felon, chemical abuser, obviously child molester/abuser, etc... As far as expense, there are organizations that might help with the process and charge what you can afford. Most Family Law attorneys offer free consultations.

Is it common for the abused victim to be smarter and better looking and more socially accepted than the abuser?

Yes. But it is also common for the abuser to be all of those things. Abusive realtions are common, physical and verbal, romantic and non.

Catherine Roerva Pelzer?

Catherine Roerva Christen Pelzer was a mom,wife,daughter and abuser. she abused her 4 children while her oldest didnt get beat. she was a wondeeful till bout when david was 5 then she became an abuser.

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Does domestic violence show in a criminal record?

If the abuser was tried and convicted of a felony such as assault, then yes, it will show up in a criminal record. If never convicted, then no.

If a man is founded as a child abuser and your child is the one he abused but is not the father of the abused child but is of your unborn child does he have rights to the unborn baby?

A court would never award custody or visitation rights to a convicted child abuser.

How much time do get for possession of a shotgun in Virginia?

If you are not a convicted felon, or have not been convicted of a crime of Domestic Violence, there is no prohibition against owning or possessing a shotgun, or any other firearm.HOWEVER - if you are a convicted felon or a convicted Domestic Abuser, and you are arrested in possession of a firearm, you could face up to 15 years in prison.

Does domestic violence disqualify someone for child custody?

Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.Yes, if brought to the court's attention, a domestic abuser would not be granted custody of a minor.

If you are a victim of domestic battery do you have to testify against the abuser?

when the case is filed in the court you have to testify the charges against the abuser and the onus is on you to prove it.

Do you let your child have a parent child relationship with your abuser after you've left?

If you do, best to have an attorney go to the courts for you and work on visitation parameters. IN WRITING.

What is a common form of abuse where the abuser tries to keep the abused from family and friends?

domestic abuse or violence

What are the effects of domestic violence in relationship to economic inequality?

it shows that the abuser tries to be the more dominant in the relationship.

What reaction do people have to domestic violence?

Disconnect with the abuser. Take steps to heal and recover from the mental trauma.

Can an admited and convicted first degree child abuser own a firearm?

You will need to consult with a lawyer for a legally correct and current answer.

Does domestic violence often involve pets?

No, domestic violence does not usually cover animal abuse.My abuser abused our CAT!They will hurt anything you love or like.

Can a convicted felon be granted child custody in IN?

That is dependent on circumstances. If the parent is a loving parent, whereas the current primary residential parent is an abuser, than the felony should not matter, provided they are not repeating their crime.

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