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  • Why feel geeky?? Lots of guys play Video Games and manga's cool. : Don't try and be who you aren't just to impress a girl, because in the end it isn't really you. Find a girl who does like the same things as you, there are plenty of girls who like video games and manga. I'm a girl and I like anime and things like that. And all you can do is be yourself because a girl never wants you to lie. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Just get yourself out there and the right girl will come along. Just dont expect her to think your a geek because she might just surprise you. Good luck!!
  • If gaming makes you happy, don't change yourself just to get girls. However, balance your life so that you are getting out and doing other things as well. I have a brother who grew up gaming, he got his education, balanced his social life with gaming life and he got married to a cute woman with a Master's Degree when the timing is right. Bill Gates is considered a geek by some people and he is rolling in the money! Just be sure your grades are good, you are taking care of yourself physically/emotionally and you will be okay.
  • I totally agree with the above posters, but the secret here is, if your life is taken over by these two things, then you are going to end up anti-social which is not healthy. Play your games, but get out and experience life as there is so much to see and do. Life isn't about Virtual Reality, life is real, so get prepared.
  • Look at it this way: you have your whole life ahead of you to catch every Pokemon and read every Naruto, but you're only going to be young once, and dating doesn't get much easier. So get out there and enjoy life while you can. Chances are, if you find yourself asking whether too much video gaming is hurting your social life, you're probably right. The games can wait. Your life won't.
  • Find a girl who likes doing all that stuff, it would give you something to talk about
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Q: Should a guy feel geeky and worry about not getting girls if he plays video games and collects manga?
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