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You should find out the reason why the person feels this way and see if you can work something out and this is called COMMUNICATION! When couples go together they should be able to support each other in every way possible. If the person needs head space let them have it. Remind them that this also includes you and both of you are free to date whom you wish. If you are meant to be together you will be, but, if one or both of you meets someone special then that's the way it should be.

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Should someone break-up with a person because they feel as if he is holding back in the relationship?

Yes,but only if that person knows whats going to change in their life without the guy/girl

When should someone leave a relationship because of lies and secrets?

when they find out about it..... y?

How long does a bad relationship last?

Hopefully not very long because if it is a bad relationship someone should break it off; nobody should have to be miserable if they can do something about it.

If your girlfriend says she feels like you're holding her back should you let her go?

Yes. You should never feel like you are holding someone back and it is unfair of her to say that. It is no one's fault but her one. Answer I don't think I could ever tell someone that. I might break off the relationship but I would never say something like that to someone. If someone ever told me that I was holding them back, I would say "bye-bye".

How do you get over someone when you are in a relationship already?

I think you should be asking the question "should you be in a relationship with someone new if you aren't over someone old?" The answer to this one is "no".

Should you ask out a guy shorter than you if you like them?

If you care enough for someone to be in a relationship with them, physical attributes shouldn't matter. If this a question that is seriously holding you back, maybe you should reevaluate the choice.

Which should come first in a relationship holding hands hugging or kissing?

1. holding hands 2. hugging 99. kissing dont start a relationship with kissing, because it affects the whole point of it. first remember how old you are (im guessing between 11-16) and what you should do at that age. -Courtney

Is a girlfriend necessary in high school?

No, you should get into a relationship because you like someone not because someone tells you that it is neccessary. But one could argue that it helps with your dating experience.

Should you start a relationship with someone in jail?

starting a relationship with someone in jail is simply a stupid idea.

Is it discrimination to not hire somebody in a relationship?

I believe it is a discrimination to not hiring someone because of the way they do something or the way they are unless it is relevant to how it affects there work. If someone is simply in a relationship than I see no harm in what it would do to their career and if someone hasn't been hired because they are in a relationship then they should do something quick. :D Hope I helped.

Why is it important to express your point of view in a relationship?

It is important to express your point of view in a relationship because it is part of your self image, and your points of view should be important. If they aren't important to the person you are in the relationship with, you should probably find someone else.

What if your partner holds hands with someone you know?

If you are dating someone that is to be monogamous then your partner should not be holding hands with someone else.

What do you do if you fancy someone but their already going out with someone?

There is nothing you can do or should do. They are in a relationship with someone else and you should move on and focus your interest towards someone else that is single.

Should you tell a white lie to make someone fancy you?

Probably not, because if you do get together, eventually it will be found out and may ruin your relationship.

How would you feel about your mother seeing or puruing a relationship with a ex-convict?

you should talk to her about it because i can gurantee you that someone will get hurt.

How should you answer someone who justifies their racist comments by saying it is OK because his daughter is in an interracial relationship?

We are all individually responsible for our conduct.

You always want to Kiss whenever you see a girl what should you do?

Get someone to talk to, build a friendship or relationship with someone. If you have a relationship let your feelings out.

Should you stay in your relationship?

So that you can have someone to love and have sex with

If someone you love has started a new relationship Should you move on too or can you wait because they still love you?

It would be best to move - especially if they have.

Should you doubt him just because you are physically committed?

Anytime you have to ask about doubting someone, that means there is a breach in your relationship or bond that needs to be addressed

Should you be with someone if they have a child from their previous relationship?

i don't think sooo .. !

Should you have someone ask out your crush for you?

I did and now I'm a year into my relationship

Should I lift someone up by holding under their arms?

It's okay just be careful doing it to young kids because you may pull their arms out of socket

Can you hold your breath and pick your nosie at the same time?

no because if your really holding your breath you should be holding your nosie

Is liking someone cheating?

If you're in a relationship yes , if you have a bf/gf why should you be liking someone else ?