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Should a teen pierce their own tongue or have it done professionally?

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βˆ™ 2015-07-17 17:47:30

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Self-Piercing or Go to a Pro?You should wait and get it done by a pro. There are several veins that run underneath your tongue and if you hit one of them, you will bleed alot.

Due To The Problems Of Infection, Best To Have A Very Knowledge Proffesional Do This

2015-07-17 17:47:30
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Q: Should a teen pierce their own tongue or have it done professionally?
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How do you pierce your cartilage?

You get it done professionally.

Can you pierce your tongue with braces on?

Yes, you can have your tongue pierced with braces on. Orthodontists may not agree with it, but they cannot stop you, nor can they make you remove it. There really is no issue with it aside from chipping your teeth if you have it done professionally.

Where can you pierce your tongue without hitting any veins?

Get it done by a professional!

Can you get an infection if you pierce your tongue nose or lip?

You can get an infection no matter where you pierce, that is why piercing should be done by professional body piercers working in licensed and inspected facilitates not at home in the bathroom.

How do you quickly pierce your nose with a sewing needle?

you don't. spend the $20 and go get it done professionally.

Can you get herpes from getting your tongue pierced?

Cold sores are a variant of the Herpes virus, however getting them from a professionally done tongue piercing, No.

What if your mom knows how to pierce your ears can she pierce them?

Of course not. Piercing must be done with a a-septic technique and sterilized materials. Pay to have them pierced professionally and correctly, this also gives you a venue should problems arrise to seek help.

What is the best way to pierce your belly button your self without it getting infected?

Don't do it. Get it professionally done.

How do you pierce your back dimples?

If you are wanting to pierce your back dimples, it is a good idea to always have this done professionally. This can be done by a process called anchor piercing, where a small anchor is placed under the skin.

Can you re pierce your spider bite piercing?

You can as i have done it and it was okay, however i did go back and have it done professionally.... Go back to the place you had it done and see what they say :)

How can you pierce your own nose?

Get it professionally done it's alot less work, pain, and less risk of infection.

How do you numb your nose?

If your trying to pierce your nose yourself, don't! Get it done professionally, doesn't hurt that bad and it's quick!

Where is the least painful place to pierce your tongue?

In a professional body piercing studio and the piercing done by a professional body piercer.

Where do you get body piercing kit to pierce your own belly button?

You don't. You should always go somewhere to get it PROFESSIONALLY done. It's always best. If you do it yourself there's possibilities you can mess up and catch a infection.

Should I hire a professional to install my breakfast bar?

Have it professionally done, unless your husband is experienced in such things. In the long run, it will be better to have it done professionally for the sake of quality.

How do I pierce your belly button myself without a piercing gun?

Get it professionally done or you may well end up with a bad infection if you try it on your own.

How can you numb your tongue before piercing it?

Don't try piercing it yourself. Get a professional to pierce it for you. I've added a picture for you to look at, sorry it's blurry, it's basically a woman who tried to pierce her own tongue. Don't wan't to EPIC fail? Get it done proffesionally!

Is there a wrong way to pierce a tongue?

It's hard to get it straight & risk of infection is extremely high due to the area-have it done by a professional.

How can you pierce your own belly button?

Its not very expensive to get done so i recommend getting it done professionally . Ive had mine done 2 times and im soo glad I didnt do it myself... a friend of mine did her's herself and really messed it up and caused herself an infection because she didnt use the proper tools and had to wait for it to heal to get it done by a professional because she was impatient, JUST WAIT ... save your money and if you want it done that bad you should get it done professionally!!!!!

Can piercing your tongue lead to death?

No It cant but there is a high risk of killing nerves and other dangorous outcomes. It is highly recommended to be done PROFETIONALY NO can get badly infected even if you do get it professionally done

Does getting your second ear pierce hurt?

its doesnt really hurt, but it all depends on you and where you get it done IF you get it done professionally it will only hurt for about 10minutes and go red, If you do it yourself you will feel a sharp pain that will last about 40minutes

Is it bad to numb your tongue in order to get a piercing?

Honestly, it should not be necessary to numb the tongue at all to pierce it if you have it done by a licensed piercer. Depending on exactly what you're using to accomplish a temporary local anesthesia, it may complicate matters further. Imagine what sort of damage you'll do to yourself if you get a piece of metal put into your tongue without being able to feel it.

How do you pierce your nipple?

Contact a professional body piercing facility in your area. Professionally done piercings are affordable and done in a licensed facility by trained professionals.WikiAnswers is not a venue to provide how to information that can lead to serious personal injury.

Is it possible for a friend to pierce another friends ear or does it have to be by a pro?

It is possible if that friend knows what they are doing, because it's not really that hard to pierce an ear, even I've done it myself! I've pierced my own ear before, but if you can get it done professionally I would recommend it because it is much safer and much faster!

Can you pierce your tongue again if you had an infection?

If you have a weakened immune system because of a health condition, no. Otherwise, you can. Just clean it correctly and get it done by a pro in a clean shop.