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Yes They must be armed more than or equal to the criminals in order to protect the public.

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Q: Should all police officers carry firearms?
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Under what authority do police officers carry knives?

The same authority that enables them to carry firearms.

Can a special police officer carry a gun?

Depends on the regulations where you are. Many Special Police Officers DO have the same authority as city or county police officers, but for specialized areas. Some of them DO carry firearms.

Should police in Britain be armed?

Contrary to popular belief, the police in England ARE armed. Most departments have armed-response officers on duty at all times. Most supervisors carry firearms in their vehicles, as well. While it is true that not ALL officers carry firearms on duty, there is considerable disagreement as to whether this should be changed.

Why do not NYC hospital police officers carry firearms?

For the actual answer, you will have to check with the departments in question. In some cases, due to congestion, and extremely close proximity to others, officers do not carry firearms. This is the case with correctional officers working inside prisons.

Can New York City school safety officers carry off-duty?

No. NYC school safety officers are not police officers, and are not permitted to carry firearms on or off duty.

Are detectives such as a DCI or a DI allowed to use firearms in certain situations in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, certain police officers are qualified to carry firearms.

Do CIA Officers carry firearms?


Do DIA Officers carry firearms?


Do volunteer police officers carry guns?

Volunteer police officers are usually called reserve or auxiliary police. Not all states or agencies have reserves, and some employ some or all of them in a non-sworn capacity where they do not have powers of arrest or carry firearms. More commonly, reserve or auxiliary police officers and sheriff's deputies have training similar to regularly-salaried officers, wear the same uniform and equipment, including firearms, and have the same powers of arrest while on duty. Most do not have these same police powers while off duty, although regular police officers do.

What type of firearm do british police carry?

British Police services have there firearms units which officers within are armed with the standard police equipment (CS spray, baton, cuffs and the protective clothing). In addition these officers will carry tasers, additional protective clothing and be armed with the Glock 17 self loading pistols as sidearms, and the Heckler and Koch MP5 carbines as primary. In addition to this certain forces for example the Metropolitan service have higher trained officers known as Specialist Firearms Officers or SFO's who undertake additional training and may carry and be trained in a more varied selection of firearms.

To be a police officer do you have to use a firearm?

In most cases, yes. If the police in your area are armed then you would also be required to carry and qualify with firearms.However, this is not always the case. In countries such as those within the United Kingdom, the standard police officers are unarmed, with only trained Authorised Firearms Officers ever carrying firearms.This is occasionally true in the United States. For example, the Traffic Enforcement officers of the New York Police Department do not carry firearms.Additional Information: the un-armed traffic enforcement officers referred to above, although uniformed, are CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES of the department. Their authority is much the same as school crossing guards. They are NOT sworn law enforcement officers and do not possess the power of arrest.

What do constables look like?

In most cases, constables look like police officers. They often have the power to arrest but usually do not carry firearms.

Can cuny peace officers carry firearms off duty?


Do Australian police carry firearms?


Do cops who work in jails carry guns?

No. Most correctional officers do not carry firearms.

Should new zealand police carry guns?

There are several opinions surrounding this, but currently New Zealand Police do not carry firearms when on patrol. Instead, they carry batons and pepper spray.

What handgun do british police use?

British firearms officers carry Glock 17's, the HK MP5's and sniper rifles when required.

Do Canadian police carry guns?

Yes. Both the RCMP and local police forces carry firearms.

Do nys peace officers carry firearms off duty?


Can dod police conceal carry firearms?


Did 1940 British police have guns?

The only police to use firearms in the UK, are specialised groups such as the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, or special teams within territorial police forces. When the metropolitan police force was established, officers did not carry guns.

Should police officers be able to carry high powered assault rifles?

No need, they have SWAT for that

Do garland police officers carry tazers?

Yes they do. They carry the X26

Do postal police officers carry guns?

Yes, they are law enforcement officers.

Do the policeman of London England carry guns anywhere on there body?

Only Firearms Authorised Officers carry guns in the United Kingdom, and they typically are very few out of the entire police force of any given area, although there are a few exceptions in the United Kingdom where the majority or all police officers are armed, such as Northern Ireland.