Should an 11 yr old have a boyfriend?

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No, you can never have a serious relationship at that age. I think it's great to have friends who are guys but not boyfriends.

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How do you get your 11 yr old clean her room?

You can just tell her to clean her room or you will do it. And that all her stuff will be in the trash if she doesn't clean her room herself. Or you could bribe her, as many parents do, to get her in the habit. Eventually she will want to tidy things up so that important things aren't misplaced or ( Full Answer )

Should a 11 year old have a boyfriend?

No, an 11 year old should not because then you would want to have sex and then the consquences will be bigger than you can handle. Then,you will get in a sittuation you can't get out of.

Should an 11 year old have a boyfriend?

yes i think a 11 year old should have a boyfriend . you need stick out be diffrent but dont dump your boyfriend if your friends dont like the guy sooo there ya go

How much should an 11 yr old weigh?

An a 11 year old girl or boy should be around 87-106 If they are less than that then maybe you should gain weight and if you are more weight than maybe you should lose weight........Not being mean but yes it is very unhealthy if you are less or more that that! I myself weigh 94 and am 11 years old s ( Full Answer )

Can a 11 yr old get carpal tunnel?

This would be very typically effects 40-65 year old women 2 to 1 over men. Of course younger people can get it too depending on risk factors, hobbies, occupations etc..But at 11 I would be looking for other causes at first.

How do you diaper a 11 yr old?

Well it really depends on why you are doing it, could you go into a little more detail? Answer 30 NOV 2008 Physically the same way you would anyone else that needs diapers, if the 11 year old does not fit into pampers size 7 then you can always try Abena X-Plus or any other small or youth inco ( Full Answer )

What should you get your 16 year old boyfriend for your 2 yr anniversary something sentimental?

One idea you might think about is giving your boyfriend a money clip as a two year anniversary gift. You can have his initials engraved on the money clip to give it a bit of your own personal touch. If your boyfriend is an avid sports fan, you can even get him a money clip displaying his favorite te ( Full Answer )

How tall should an 11 yr old be?

I myself are 4"8 1/2, and am one of the shortest in my class. My other friend is like 5"3 and is abnormally tall. We are both girls. I think the average would be aroung 5"0 but, still, depends on your body structure and stuff.

Do you think 11 year olds girls should have boyfriends?

No. The primary purpose of dating is to find a mate. Many cultures still have parents serve in this role, but typically not in the United States. An 11 year girl in any culture is not physically or emotionally mature enough to deal with searching for a mate - especially in the United States. Man ( Full Answer )

When should you an 11 yr old start wearing makeup?

11 year olds do not need makeup. You the 11 year old needs to stop trying to grow up so fast. There will be plenty of time in your life to be able to enjoy many of the wonderfully fun things that the older girls get to do. When you are about 16-17 years of age is a far better time to start experimen ( Full Answer )

What should an 11 yr old girl wear for a semi-formal party?

i recomend a dress. but not straples because i don't think straplesdresses are apropriate for 11 year olds, and thats coming frompersonal expirience. I also recomend lace and for colors black, white and red. HOPE IT HELPED!

Should a 11 year old girl have a boyfriend?

No.. She is not so mature to understand who is perfect for her. (different person) im a boy and i have a girlfriend (different person) I am 12 & i have been going out with a boy since i was 11. I think he is perfect for me. If you think he is right for you then yes it is ok.

What should you give your 11 year old boyfriend for Christmas?

ummm... give him candies? ^^SERIOUSLY???^^ Well me and my friendd have the SAME problem. We were thinking likea homeade friendship bracelet or like a mistletoe in a box then you like put it over his head then be like merry Christmas and give em a kiss! P.S. Ive been going out with my boyfrie ( Full Answer )

Should your 11 yr old girl read breaking dawn?

Depends. Has she read the rest of the book series, and what's her maturity level? Breaking dawn has some graphic descriptions and sexual referances, but so have the other three books, in various levels. If she's already read the first three books, I'd say the cat is already out of the bag, and you s ( Full Answer )

How can 11 yr old earn money?

You could have a yard sale, sell old games to gaming shops like 'Game' and 'Game Station', bake cakes and sell them to neighbours, have a lemonade stand, buy rare things on holiday and sell them when you get back home, ask for more pocket money, rake leaves.

How do you stop your 11 yr old from lying?

I am afraid that you have to start when the child is a baby, and NEVER, EVER, yell, criticize, or discipline her when she tells you the truth, even if it's bad news. By age 11, the personality is largely determined, and it becomes very difficult to change. You can engage the services of a child psy ( Full Answer )

What to get a 11 yr old boy for his birthday?

If he has a video game system (PS2, Wii, etc.) get him a video game for it. Check with a member of his family to make sure that he doesn't have the video game you're getting him already.

Why do 11 yr olds get big breasts?

It is part of puberty, the physical change from childhood to adulthood. Stage 1 of puberty is internal and pretty much invisible. Stage 2 of puberty begins with the breast development that you are asking about. Age 11-12 is average for stage 2. Breast development is usually not complete until p ( Full Answer )

Where can a 11 yr old work?

what do you mean by "work" like work in school or work work to earn money? if its to earn money you shouldn't be concerned about working just let the grown up in your house do all the work cuz that's there job,what an 11 year old should do is just go to school,do your homework and listen to your par ( Full Answer )

How much should a 11-yr-old girl weigh?

they should be around 76-85 u shouldn't worry about your weight tho just have fun and eat the right foods and u wont have to worry about Ur weight

How old do you think you should have a boyfriend when you are 11?

okay you are old enough for a boyfriend but as. long as you like his personality and not just how. cute he is or how cool he is and no matter what you. do dont have sex it not a good age to lose your virgity!!. =D love always mariah and mom stacy!!

What should you get your 11 year old boyfriend?

You have a boyfriend already at the age of 11? Wow! Anyway, don't get him anything too fancy as your only 11 and you don't need to. I mean sooner or later, your gonna break up with him. A girl in my year went out with a boy in 7th grade (Year 7) and immediately broke up with him after 1 week. Wh ( Full Answer )

Should 11 year olds have a boyfriend?

Yes and No am 11 years old and I have already had 2 boy Friend's first one was a total looser!!! You have to kinda get use to having one and always talking to him or her, it is very hard for some kids to do that. I think to get use to it would be to be your bff's (the true and trusting one's) now my ( Full Answer )

What should a 11 yr old ask for 12 birthday from friends?

Nothing. To ask for presents, or to suggest what they could buy for you for your birthday would be rude and presumptious. The only instance in which this would even be remotely acceptable would be if they outright ask what you would like for your birthday from them.

How many hours of sleep should an 11 yr old get?

My 11 year old twins get about 10 hours a night - occasionally 12. Any less than 10 then I know about it!!! Children do vary quite a lot but I'd have said 10 is probably average and my twins have never suffered due to lack of sleep so must be right for them. Hope this has helped.

How tall is a 11 yr old?

Average height for an 11 yr old is between 4ft 10in and about 5ft. I am a little above average.

What jobs can an 11 yr old get?

Well, if you desperately want one first, ask your parents for permission and search online for agencies? If you have a talent like: singing, dancing, acting, photographing, modelling or any more, I found a few sites myself. I am 11 myself and I want to do something useful. I found a website: http:// ( Full Answer )

What colour should i paint my 11 yr old daughters room?

I would suggest painting your daughter's room in a neutral color like a cream, beige or a pastel color that she likes. That way you can always accent with whatever color is her current favorite but may change next week! A lime or purple painted room may be her passion today but she may tire of tomor ( Full Answer )

Can a 11 yr old date a 16 yr old?

Yes. Technically, but it is a bad idea on many levels and could end with the 16 year old being charged with sexual criminal activities.

Should 11 year olds be nervous around their boyfriend?

I know you probably HATE it when people say things like this, but honestly, you're a little bit too young to be dating. Guys just aren't as mature as girls at this stage; be careful. Don't expect too much out of him.

What is the best pet for a 11 yr old?

Well i think the best pet for any age would be a bunny Why because i have a bunny and he is great because 1. He is playful and fun 2. He gets a long well with are gueinea pig 3, they are so cute p.s. You have to have no way they can escape because they can fit through gaps.

What should you get your 12 yr old boyfriend for Valentines day?

12-year-old boys are notorious for disliking cute things like hearts and valentines. So leave the pink and red doodles to a pretty homemade card, and make the gift something he'll want to use. Think a favorite type of candy, or a bumper sticker of his favorite sports team.

How do you tell your 11 yr old boyfriend you love him?

Your 2 young anyways,But if your comitted then you flirt and chat at the same time then u say "Haha I like u" and hopefully he will say "I like u 2" But LOVE?Umm Can answer that till ur like 14,But good luck with ur relationship,and hope this helps you.

What changes should you look for as your 11 yr old has not gone through puberty as yet?

Here is a simplified list of different changes that will occur during puberty: In Males: Stage I - Prepubertal appearance - Testicular volume less than 1.5 ml - Penis 3 cm or smaller Stage II - Small amount of light downy hair at the base of the penis and scrotum - Scrotum skin thi ( Full Answer )

Should an 11 year old girl be allowed to have a boyfriend?

It depends on who you are, where you are (country), and what your parents think. In my opinion Yes, I am currently dating a 12 years old while i am in grade 9, as long as its really love, anything can happen.

Can a 11 yr old get pregnant?

Yes - there are recorded cases of 11 year old girls and younger being pregnant and giving birth.

Can 11 yrs old travel with 16 yrs old?

Surely!! but only if u think that the 16yr old is mature and responsible. It depends on how u think of that teen. It sometimes also depends on the place they are goin.

What should you get an 11 yr old girl for christmas?

Try getting her some new clothes, they usually love them. Or a lipgloss, or perfume. Maybe some sparkly hair glitter or hair slides, and body shimmer - it depends how girly she is though, and on your budget. You could get her an ipod if you want, or a voucher or gift card for their favourite shop i ( Full Answer )

What should you get your 13 yr old boyfriend for his birthday?

Look for what he is interested in. It could be an interest in his favorite Band, Sport, or Game etc. You could buy him a poster (it's not too spendy). 13 year old boys like to add things on their wall whether it's a poster of his favorite movie, actor, model, car or even his celebrity crush. These p ( Full Answer )

How do you tell if an 11 yr old boy likes an 11 yr old girl?

If she likes you, she may start random conversations with you alot, and she also may start flirting during the conversation. Ifshe doesn't talk to you, don't be let down. She may just be shy ofyou because she likes you.

Should 11 year old girl have 20 year old boyfriend?

Most people say age is just a number but then again he is nearlytwice her age and if anything sexual is done between them(kissing/nude pictures sent/having sex) he could get in serioustrouble with the police for paedophilia as she is not over 16 (or18, I'm not sure) which is the legal age for her to ( Full Answer )