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The should at least be banned from expressing their polictical opinions

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 19:26:08
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Q: Should celebrities be banned from endorsing products?
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Celebrities should not be banned from an office in the government?

No citizen should be banned from public office if they are otherwise qualified.

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Should celebrities be banned from taking office in government?

Of course not. I'm not in favor of this. Who are they to deprive the rights of these celebreties to run?

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Should Drinking products that contain a caffeine such as cola be banned from the shops?

No way - it is and should remain buyers choice.

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From the start, ban is on CFC's. These CFC's are most fatal.

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no it should not be banned.

What governments say if zoos should be banned or they should not be banned?

zoos should not be banned

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When was Catcher in the Rye banned?

It was banned never and should not be banned

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Cigarettes should be banned because they can damage your lungs.

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yes i think that it should be banned.

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no the royal family should not be banned

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they should be banned because there very unhealthy

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Why Would It Be Banned? , No

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their is no reson for it to be banned....

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Large cars should be or should not be banned in India

Why should cigarettes be banned?

Cigarettes should be banned because they can damage your lungs.

Should football be banned at school?

No why should it be banned at school , it is good for the kids.

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Hunting will never be banned and should not be.

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Wait, what was your question? Should bullying be banned? Yes!

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Fireworks should not be banned! But if they were to be banned, it would be because they can be dangerous and can cause a house to catch on fire. But still they should not be banned!

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for sure it should be banned, it actually should be banned from the whole world and anyway they smoke like heck in england.

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It should be banned because it is unnecessary, ineffective and cruel.

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i think it should be banned because harming your is not allowed in islam