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Should children be punished against a crime?

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Yes. Depending on the crime though. Like if they stole somthing from a store, you would make them return it and make them apologize. But if they got in a fight, you would have to think about that one. Because they might have fought back in defence. So it depends on what crime.

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Should criminals be cured or be punished?

a crime should be punished because according to me if a crime is not punished then criminals will start doing more crimes as they will think that they are cured

Does Stephen Harper think that if you are in possession of marijuanna you should be punished as if it were a crime?

Yes, because it is a crime.

What happens if crime is not punished?

Then it would be crime because it would be acceptable. the only thing that makes something a crime is that you will get punished for it. if there are no consequences then it will not be considered a crime because everyone will be doing it. :)

Should a minor be punished against crimes?

i kind of think that it deppends on if the crime he did was bad enough- also, it also depends on what the punishment is, it knida also depends on the judge and jury (if the crime is bad enough-it depends on the opinion of the parents/legal gaurdian.)

How should someone who commits a crime be punished?

The punishment should fit the crime.Added: As per the punishment that was set forth by the legislative body (as representative of 'the people') when they drafted the law.

Can you get hired in healthcare with a misdemeanor?

That would depend on the crime and how long ago. Any crime against children would be NO

What is the crime that is punished for attemting but not for comitting?


Should violence against women be a federal crime?

No !

What crime is a serious crime that is punished by death?

when same one kills someone use

What did Roosevelt call a crime against white civilization?

"We should annex Hawaii immediately. It was a crime against the United States, it was a crime against white civilization, not to annex it two and a half years ago" -Roosevelt

Can you be punished for a crime you did not commit?

Sure, if the legal system thinks you did it.

Can you become a teacher with a ciminal record in the UK?

It depends on the charge. Any crime against children - NO

Is a felony a crime?

Yes. A felony defined as a crime that can be punished by 1 year or more in confinement or by death.

What crime could you do but don't get punished for?

get your husband an ugly sweater for chrismas.

Why were people punished for heresy?

Because it was considered a crime not to have the "right" belief.

How were the Christians punished?

It depends on the severness of the crime if was was totally server they were crucified

Is light pollution a crime in the UK?

Light pollution is not a crime yet, but buildings should atempt to reduce it. Light pollution is still a crime against the environment.

What are quasi-crimes?

A quasi-crime refers to those offenses (not simply crimes or misdemeanors), but specifically any offenses which are not in the nature of an actual crimeQuasi-crime refers to a class of offenses against the public that have not been statutorily been declared crimes.Quasi-crime also refers to 'wrongs' that are perpetrated against the general public which are properly repressed or punished by fines and penalties.The category of quasi crime does not include any indictable offense.

How can crime be prevented?

Crime can be prevented by educating children on the dangers of committing crime. Parents should also be involved in their children's lives to ensure they are not getting into trouble.

When talking about the code of Hammurabi why is this phrase an eye for an eye is often used?

An eye for an eye means that a person who steals $50 should only be punished to that degree. Not more nor less. If he kills someone, then that is much more serious and should be punished in some way that is equal. The punishment for a crime should be equal to that crime. No more or not less. A small amount of stealing doesn't mean the death penalty.

A crime is a serious crime that is punishable by death?

Death penalty is also known as capital punishment; a crime that may be punished by capital punishment is a capital offense.

A sentence with the word crime?

A crime is something bad and illegal that a person does intentionally ( or unintentionally). Stealing someone's property is a crime, for example.A criminal (a person who commits a crime) is to be punished for it by law.A Crime scene is the place where a crime was committed.

Is it a crime to take mail from work and deliver it yourself?

yes you could be punished for that

Who did the Nazis punish?

the Nazis punished Jewish people ----- punishment implies crime.

What questions does Obierika meditate on when his friend is exiled from the village in the book things fall apart?

Why should a man be punished for an accident.What crime had his wife's twins committed.

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