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It all depends on what the girl feels comfortable with. But there is certainly no "need" or pressure to shave the arms.

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Q: Should girls shave their arms
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Do girls shave under their arms?

no they not

Do girls shave their arms?

No, but some girls who have dark hair on their arms, wax it. It all just depends on the girl.

Are men supposed to shave their arms?

Nobody is "supposed" to shave anything. But if a man wants to shave his arms, then he should feel free to do so. If he doesn't want to shave his arms, then he shouldn't have to. The choice is his own.

What are girls supposed to shave?

We Can Shave everywhere where we have hair. It can be Upper Lip, Pubic Hair, Armpits, Arms, Legs, back, ect

For girls who shave their arms do they go past their elbow then where to stop?

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Is it gay to shave your arms and thighs?

For me .. I shave my thighs b/c im not use having hair there but arms is different... It's isn't gay but you shouldn't Shave your arms b/c girls like that and it give you a look where your a man and not just a lil boy ..

Should women shave their arms?

I would if they're hairy... I mean if they are and you don't shave them you might be European...

Should girls shave pubic area?


Do girls shave arms?

yes they do i have met a few incuding myself sometimes because it looks gross to have it.

Dose Justin Bieber shave his arms?

Yeah my bffl does shave his arms lol :)

Do women shave their arms?

if their arms are REALLY HAIRY they shave them if their not hairy then no they dont shvae them.

Why should girls shave?

some parts of the body need to be shaved do to your body and health and puberty so that's why you should shave unless your a guy then you don't shave

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