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Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote?


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Even the legal aliens can't vote.

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No, aliens are not supposed to be allowed to vote. Only those who are United States citizens are allowed to vote.

No, They Cannot. Legal aliens cannot vote, either. Only citizens have this right.

In the United States you are only allowed to vote if you are above the age of 18 and a legal U.S. citizen. There's no other way around it.

Illegal aliens cannot have political rights, like to vote, until they become citizens.

Women should be allowed to vote because everybody is equal.

Convicted felons. Illegal aliens and other non citizen's.

Men who did not have a farm or other property, women, aliens, slaves.

No US state does. However, some resident aliens are allowed to vote in Switzerland, likely in recognition of the very strict and limited immigration policies.

No. All citizens of the US over 18 are eligible to vote regardless of where they were born. However , aliens living in the US are not allowed to vote.

I personally think they should be allowed to vote as long as they know who they are voting for and their terms.

Yes every citizen except for inmates and illegal-aliens can.

That, like every other country, only citizens are allowed to vote in the US.In other words, it doesn't show anything peculiar to American beliefs.

An illegal alien cannot legally be, or reside, in the United States; much less hold political office.

In the United States, currently incarcerated prisoners, released felons, non-citizens and illegal immigrants are not allowed to vote. There is also a sizeable population of individuals who are eligible to vote, but are not registered to vote and therefore often are not counted in the election.

Why should men be allowed to vote? Why should people above the age of 80 be allowed to vote? Why, in fact should any person be allowed to vote at all?There is no good reason not to allow women to vote and they are just as human as anybody else.----------------------Women have opinions and are not intellectually inferior. There are brilliant and moronic women and brilliant and moronic men. Democracy rests on the principle that all people's opinions matter and that leaders should represent the majority of the people. Women are 50% of the population.

Aliens can be deported. You can not deport a citizen. Aliens cant vote Aliens can not run for political office

That's an overly simplistic question on a very complex issue. At a national level only American citizens should be allowed to vote (which is and always has been the law and to my knowledge no one has ever suggested changing it). At the state level only American citizens legally residing in that state should be allowed to vote, again current law nobody has ever suggested changing, However, in the case of local government, which by definition represents the interests of local communities a valid case can be made to allow legal non-citizens residents the right to vote. In no case should illegal aliens be allowed to vote which I must again say I have never heard anyone suggest.

Women should have already been allowed to vote years ago, so have to do it in secret

no they were not allowed to vote - chey

Yes they are allowed to vote

They must first be legally recognized as citizens to vote. Until that time, they are not officially represented by the government, so they are not given the right to have a voice in government. Besides, the U.S. policy has been "no taxation without representation" but it frequently tends to go in the other direction as well--no representation without taxation (except for U.S. territories). If you are not supporting the government, why should you be allowed to have a say in it?

Yes they were allowed to vote the atheain women were not allowed to vote.

felons are not allowed to vote because the are criminals

Why were American Indians not allowed to vote?

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