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yes they should because then they can relax

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Q: Should middle school kids go home for lunch?
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Should kids in middle school go out to lunch?

Hi i am writing a purswasive essay on "if students in middle school should go out to lunch!" i hope you people can help me with this essay thank you ! :)Well, my opinion is that if a child does not have their own transportation (car/driver's license or authorized adult), then the child should not be allowed to leave school property during the lunch break. The school is responsible for the children during school/activity hours. Obviously, children in middle school are too young to drive, so that leaves authorized adults (generally parents).I also feel that children of that age may not have learned adequate responsibility yet, and may not be inclined to return to school on time, or at all.However, if your argument is for allowing middle school students to leave school property for lunch, I would argue that it should be allowed with parental permission. Going home for a healthy home-cooked meal or taken out to lunch by a parent should be allowed under the proper circumstances. I think it comes down to accountability...someone needs to take the responsibility for the "absent" students, be it a parent/teacher/or other adult.

In Germany do the students stay at school or do they go home for lunch?

Germans go home since lunch isn't served at school.

Why should students take their own food from home to school?

Students should take food from home to school because they would trust something brought from home than trust something in the lunch room. Also school lunches can be unhealthy. The parent knows what they're child should eat better than the lunch lady's do.

Where do French teenagers eat lunch?

French teenagers eat lunch in the school canteen, or at home if they have time to get there (or when not at school).

Do french have lunch at school?

they have; it is also permitted to leave school to have lunch at home if you are living next to the school. I go to a all French school & we have to eat a school but we are allowed to go home to eat but only if our parents come to get us

Would children in Italy go home for lunch at school?

yes children are alloted a long time for lunch so they go home to eat

What is the motto of Lakota Middle School?

The motto of Lakota Middle School is 'Home of the Falcons'.

What is the motto of Lorbeer Middle School?

Lorbeer Middle School's motto is 'Home of the Longhorns'.

How long do french school children have for lunch break?

The usual lunch break is 1H30 to 2 hours long in France. This allows pupils living in the vicinity to commute home and back to school after lunch.

What is a packed lunch?

A packed lunch is a meal, including sandwiches, intended to be eaten away from home, especially by children at school.

At what age should you get a phone?

The most common is when you're 11-13 and are in middle school. When you get more responsible and are not only at school and home.

Should students be allowed to go out for lunch or go home?


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