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Should newly installed titanium brake shoes make a grinding sound for a few days after they have been installed when you drive?


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If I heard any "grinding" whatsoever, I'd check everything to be sure nothing fell off/broke etc. == ==


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A grinding noise when braking can occur when the brake pads are going bad. You are hearing the brake grinding on the metal discs.

Something is very wrong. Either defective brake pads or they were installed incorrectly. Have them inspected immediately.

If you are on a slippery road or just push the brake as hard as you can, that odd grinding feeling is probably your anti-lock brake system. The pedal will feel like it is grinding under your foot, accompanied by a grinding noise. this is a good thing, it means the system is working properly. If you aren't on a slick road or jamming the break, you should see a mechanic immediately.

It is not good if a persons newly changed brake pads are grinding. To stop this, a person needs to change the brake caliper pressure.

probably, if the pads are worn, or the rotors \ drums are scarred, there will be a grinding noise, plus you should be able to feel it through the brake pedal. most modern brake systems have quealers on the pads to tell you when they are getting worn and should be replaced. If you have a disc brake system, you should be able to inspect the rotors quite easily. Look for gouges in the surface of the rotor. If they are badly gouged, they should be turned or replaced.

your brake pads are probley wore out so its grinding on your rotor

lol change your brake pads they make a grinding noise when its time to replace

brake shoes or pads are worn and need replacing

you can't "brake" anything but a car. And since titanium is a fairly strong metal, probably not

Check the brake pads on that wheel, it sounds like you have metal on metal if the grinding is only when you are stoping or right after you release the brake and start rolling

There is no set mileage which tells you when to get new brake pads. Wear on the brake pads depend on various factors, most importantly the braking habits of the driver. Front brakes wear out faster the the rear brakes. If there is a noise when you brake or you feel grinding, then you should bring your vehicle to the mechanic.

Bad CVC joint, bad wheel bearing, bad brake pads, loose or incorrectly installed brake assembly or wheel itself.

Master Cylinder low of brake fluid, grinding when the brakes are applied, and long brake pedal travel on a vehicle with brake shoes instead of brake pads.

A 2000 Chevrolet automobile grinding noise can be caused by several things. The most common cause of a grinding noise is worn brake pads.

if you recenly replaced bulbs u may have installed them backwards they should be running lights and brake lights if this is the case they maybe installed incorrectly

Check the brake pads. The most common cause of the noise is the pad backer grinding against the brake rotor.

I would suspect your brake pads are worn out. The grinding you are hearing is the destruction of your rotors taking place. It is also possible that you may have a defective wheel bearing. Inspect your brake system.

The brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. The grinding sound means your brakes are about to stop working.

Brake shoes worn out. Replace them and have the drumns resurfaced.

The grinding noise you hear are your shocks and struts. If you experience bouncy while you are driving, as well, you should have them changed.

Grinding noise is metal to metal contact between the brake pads and brake rotor or break shoe and brake drum. Prolonged contact between metal to metal can result in front or rear brake failure.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, to have new brake pads installed and resurface the rotors the cost should be about $200-$225. (Las Vegas rates)

It depends on where the grinding noise is coming from. Most of the time the grinding is coming from the brakes and the brake pads need to be replaced. If they've been grinding for a while, the rotors will need to be resurfaced or replaced. Other possibilities for grinding are worn axle bearings, or a problem with the clutch. If the clutch goes out, there will be a grinding noise when you try to shift gears.

Perhaps worn brake linings? Bad wheel bearing?

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