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It's possible your breasts to feel big and heavy, but not all womens breats get that way.

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Q: Should one's breasts be heavy and feel big at three months pregnant?
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I lift heavy stuff and am 2 months pregnant is that safe?


If your pregnant can you lift heavy things?

NO, you should not lift heavy things while pregnant.

Can you lift heavy things above your head whilst pregnant?

You should not lift heavy things when you are pregnant.

Not sure if pregnant only done heavy petting but now there is movement in stomach is it gas or what?

It's gas. When you get pregnant, you can not feel movement until about four months along. You would probably have other symptoms, like you breasts would get bigger and hurt. Sperm has to enter your vagina in order to get pregnant.

What are items a pregnant woman should not do?

A pregnant woman should never lift heavy objects. A pregnant woman shouldn't eat sushi. A pregnant woman shouldn't smoke.

Could you be pregnant if your period is more than one week late and you have been very tired and had headaches and your breasts feel heavy but a home pregnancy test was negative?

Sound like you are pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have one day heavy period then spotting now 1 wk later breasts gettin very sore?

Maybe, but my guess is that what you describe is part of the period. Breasts are often sore during and after a period.

Do breasts get heavy after giving birth?


How heavy are breasts?

usually 5% of your body

Could you be pregnant if your period was 12 days late and you were nauseous and your breasts are heavy and you've had light cramping in the mornings?

I would say it is very likely you are pregnant! Yes. Get a pregnancy test and see a doctor.

What are the chances of being pregnant if had some spotting three months ago then a heavy but short period two months ago and nothing since?

Any symptoms??????

Can it harm your baby if you lift heavy things while pregnant?

Yes. Heavy lifting should be done by other people.

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