Should people who write tell-all books about surviving abuse and getting away from their abusers exercise extreme caution as their abusers might make their lives even worse after reading the books?

Abusers come in all personalities, shapes and sizes. They can be meek and quiet, to fun-loving and loud. If you were to complain to family or friends that the person you live with is abusive often the family or friends will look at you as if you've lost your mind. The normal person out in society doesn't realize that many male abusers can sweet talk others into believing they are someone else. Abusers can be chameleons. Any abuser is a time bomb waiting to go off, so yes, you have to be careful when you write a book. Many people write books under alias', but in certain cases such as yours it's best to write the book under your own name. I volunteer at an Abused Women's Center and there are some women who have written books and also go around the country speaking. If you fear for your life it's best to have a bodyguard present or at least a friend with you at all times when you are out. Try not to go out at night alone. I believe that writing about such a thing as abuse is healing for that person and also helps other women out in society that suffer from abuse know that they can get away from their abuser. Talking about rape or abuse or any other trauma is gaining strength within yourself. However, be aware of the law! Don't use his real name or your married surname. If your married name is Lisa Beck, then change it to your maiden name such as Lisa Thompson. This way he can't come at you. Always have an editor read your book or a friend proof read it and be careful of the laws protecting the very person you are writing about. Good luck Marcy