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Q: Should periodic payments made on Capital lease be capitalized?
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Should the word capital be capitalized?

No. It's not necessary.

Does pharaoh need a capital?

Yes it should be capitalized.

Should spring break be capitalized?

No spring break should not be capital

Is Fahrenheit capital?

Fahrenheit is a proper noun and should be capitalized.

Should should need to be capitalized in a title?

yes need to should be capitalized " Should need " are key words in the title, but the word " to " is not and doesn't require a capital.

Should third begin with a capital letter in a sentence?

No it shouldn't be capitalized.

Should there be a capital W in woman?

No, woman doesn't require to be capitalized.

Is the queen spelled with a capital letter?

Yes Queen should be capitalized.

Should the word apostle have a capital A?

If you are referring to the twelve biblical apostles then, yes, it should be capitalized.

Should the word European be capitalized in a sentenced?

only if sentenced to capital punishment

What is the capital of Brunei darussalam?

It is Bandar Seri Begawan. "Darussalam" should be capitalized.

Should You always be capitalized?

No. "You" does not need a capital letter unless it starts a sentence.

Does Bible need a capital letter?

Yes, both Bible and Scripture should always be capitalized. However, biblical and scriptural, unless at the beginning of a sentence, should not be capitalized.

Should the word will as in Will and Testament have a capital W or not?

It should be capitalized if it is used as a title. Example: Will and Testament of Washington

Should science be capitalized?

science is a common noun that should not be capital. If it is a certain type of science then yes.

What word in this sentence needs to be capitalized you bought a new CD this weekend?

Sentences begin with a capital letter, so the word "you" should be capitalized.

Should the first letter of mathematics be a capital?

No, mathematics does not need to be capitalized. As far as I'm aware, the only studies that need to be capitalized are languages.

When do you capitalize the word capital?

It should be capitalized when it forms part of a title or is at the beginning of a sentence.

Is European capitalized in ''The European paintings?

Yes, it should be spelt with a capital E.

Should you write capital letter O for ocean always?

No it doesn't require to be capitalized.

Should tropical rainforests begin with capital letters when used in a sentence?

No they shouldn't be capitalized.

Should monsieur have a capital letter?

It's capitalized if you're addressing the person directly.

Should the name of element of the periodic table be capitalized?

Only if it's like:H= HydrogenHe= Helium

Do you have to capitalize the elements of the periodic table?

The first letter has to be capitalized always. The second letter (if any) should not be.

Should you capitalize periodic table?

The term "periodic table" or "periodic table of elements" is seldom capitalized.For the element symbols (letter abbreviations), only the first letter is capitalizede,g, H for hydrogen, Li for lithium, Pb for lead (plumbum) and Au for gold (aurum).