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All adults who have a close family/working link with children should naturally help them develop as a human being. With less role models for children at least at school they have some people to look up to and be inspired.

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Q: Should teachers be involved in the character development of students or does this infringe on the rights of parents?
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Should teachers get invovled in character education?

It's not a matter of if they should get involved, being with students day to day makes them involved by the example they set and their answers to questions students ask them. Getting involved in character education in a more formal way than that is something people will not agree on.

Why teachers should be involved in curriculum development?

Teachers are on the front line when it comes to working with students. It is important to include them in curriculum development because teachers often know what works best with their students.

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The main star of To Die For was Nicole Kidman. The plot of this movie involved her character convincing two students, including a character played by Joaquin Phoenix, to kill her husband.

Do blocks on the internet infringe on the rights of students?

(in the US) No. Although it is always a subject for discussion (especially among minor-age students) this has been addressed many times and been tested in court.

Of the 40 randomly chosen students surveyed, 27 are involved in extracurricular activities at school. There are 680 students in the school. Predict the number of students in the school who are involved in extracurricular activities?


Can you give me a conclusion that you agree with wearing school uniforms?

How about.. uniforms are a social equalizer, that force a deeper development of interpersonal skills, and students learn that character/personality comes from a persons mind, not their shoes.

Should students be involved in social networking?


What is the best way of teaching college students?

Professor must get students involved and promote discussion among students within the classroom.

Is there any fun way to use a character education lesson plan?

The best way to make character education fun for students is to incorporate role play. You can provide students with character concept. Students then develop a skit to give both good and bad examples of character. You can even choose to let them perform there skits for the group.

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the teacher character was so roud to students when she was many them learn the english characters

Why do we study life-span development?

Studying human development is a subfield of psychology. Studying it can help you to better understand yourself, learn more about actions of your children, differentiate between the good and bad, and also guides you for interacting with children.

How can you learn from your students?

if you are a teacher, listen to your students, embrace their ideas and really think about them, get involved and interactive with them, have fun but have discipline.