Should the US use nuclear warfare again?

  • Only as a last alternative. Otherwise no! The U.S. is under the impression they can't be beat (they have been once re Vietnam) and were attacked on native soil by terrorists. There are those in the rest of the world that would retaliate if the U.S. attacked them first.
  • No. The USA do not want any more innocent lives lost, that's why they banned nuclear warfare. Instead, the rely on high tech surgical warfare using highly advanced weapons to accurately destroy the 'real' opponents rather than sacrificing innocent lives through weapons of mass destruction and risking the end of the world.
  • Also the USA can be beat, if they lost against the Viet Cong then they could loose to most countries. The USA think they control the world. Britain is most likely the country not to beat in a war (a war not an atomic war) because all they have to defend is a small island and Britain haven't lost a war in over 200 years.