Should the lender tell you where your repossessed car will be sold so you can buy it back?

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It is not required. However, if you do discover where the vehicle is to be sold, provided it is close enough for you to travel, you can attend if it is a public auction as opposed to a dealer aution, and you bid like everyone else.

Now, that being said, it seems it would be much easier for you to pay the redemption and storage fees, reclaim your vehicle, and get out for less than if you were to attempt to purchase the vehicle. You will be help accountable for the fees regardless, and the money you pay goes to the lender either way.
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Where can you get a loan to buy back your car that was repossessed?

Answer . Mike, that depends on how great your credit is. A repo on your record is NOT going to help. Any interest rate you get will be HIGH because of your credit rating.\n

Can you convince the lender to give the car back and get back on the payment plan after repossession?

I cant, you might can IF you pay current. The lender wants their money, on time, blah blah blah. SOS different day, LOL Yes, they have to give your car back if you pay the re

How can you find out where your repossessed car is being kept if lender will not tell you so you can get personal things out of the car?

LaTonya, it seems unlikely that the lender would refuse to let you get your PP UNLESS you are wanting something unreasonable(strip the car???) Even so, a call from an ATTORNEY

What can the lender do to you if the loan is not paid in full when the car is repossessed and sold and a balance is stll owed?

They will try to collect the balance themselves or sell it to a collection agency or seek a judgment thru the courts. Answer It's called a deficiency. Google it and you can

What should you do if the lender was rude to you when you tried to talk to them about your car payments and then they repossessed your car?

Answer . \nOh please! Are you saying he didn't speak to you with all the respect and concern you feel is deserved? And how much is deserved for someone who apparently as
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In the state of California does the loan company have to send you a letter telling you when the car will be sold at auction so that you may have the option to go to the auction and buy it back?

Answer . No, when a lender auctions your car they are auctioning out to local dealerships or lenders. So, you do not have the option of buying back this car. If you have th
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If YOUR car is repossessed what can the lender do?

In most states, the lender will sell the car.. If they sell it for more than you owed, they keep the extra money.. If they sell it for less than you owed, they send you a bi
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When can a lender repossess your car?

Each lender will have different time periods they will allow before they send out an order for repossession, and their terms will usually be stated in the contract which you s
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How can you buy cars that have been repossessed by the lender?

Each lender has their own way of disposing of a repo. Most willsale them at dealer only auctions. You can purse getting a used cardealer licenses from the state you reside and