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no lol

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Q: Should the rdiving permit be raised due to accidents involving young drivers?
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Should drivers who drive drunk and kill be charged with murder?

=== === yes they should because drunk drivers kill people due to the accidents they cause

Why should drunk drivers be imprisoned on the first offense?

because it only takes once to cause accidents that kill people.

I have relatives living with me Does it cost more to have relative listed on car insurance?

If they have tickets and accidents, then it should. If they are good drivers, then it shouldn't.

What drivers education courses are available for new drivers?

For new drivers, new rules are available drivers should know all traffic violations and not go speeding nor intoxicated driving as this causes the famous traffic accidents occur daily.

Where can one find a list of all airplane accidents?

Wikipedia is undeniably the greatest source for this type of information. Go to the website and search for "List of accidents and incidents involving commercial air crafts." This should lead you to a page with all airplane accidents conveniently organized by date starting all the way from 1919!

What types of army accidents should be investigated?

All accidents

Should automobiles drivers be prohibited to use cellular phones?

Yes; distracted drivers cause an avoidable number of accidents. If it is so important that a driver needs to talk, they can pull over or buy a handsfree kit quite easily.

Should drivers scan 10-12 seconds down the road looking of potential hazards?

Drivers should always scan at least 10 to 12 seconds down the road, both left and right to look for potential hazards. It is a good practice to know the surroundings when driving to avoid potential accidents.

Why should window tint be legal?

In most states, tinting is legal up to a certain darkness/type and location on windows/windshields. It cuts glare and lessens the chances of accidents from distracted drivers.

Should there be a maximum age limit for drivers?

no no the drivers age should be 2

When shoul you call 911 or the local emergency number?

You should call 911 when there is a situation that you can't handle such as Car Accidents, Violence involving fighting, guns, or any type of weaponry, etc.... Hope that answers your question! :)

What is a good company to purchase motor insurance for young drivers?

It can be difficult for young drivers to get good car insurance, as they are the most accident prone on the road. Getting into accidents can cause your insurance to rise 30%! It's best to start out with a low cost insurance company, such as GEICO, in case some accidents do occur. Also, you should avoid sports cars, and cars with high horsepower to weight ratios.

What types of accidents should be investigated?

All types of accidents should be investigated in order that they can eventually be prevented. Certainly any accident that involves injury or destruction of property should be evaluated for cause.

Should Billboards be banned?

That is a question that has multiple sides to it. One side of the matter is that billboards are distracting for drivers, and could cause more accidents on highways. Another side is that it helps with advirtising, and will help businesses.

Help to write your speech on road accidents?

A speech on road accidents should include statistics and facts on the number of incidents that occur each year. Reasons for the prevalence of road accidents should also be included.

What type of accidents should be investigated?


Who has more traffic accidents men or women?

Men are more aggressive drivers and therefore are twice as likely to get into a car accident as compared to women. Edit: whoever said this should be punched in the mouth for such a pathetic answer ... the truth is that men do get in more accidents, but that's because men drive more often than women ... WOMEN actually get in more accidents than men do per mile driven .... but men get in more dangerous accidents, leading to way more deaths ...

Should drivers not linger in another drivers blind spot?


Does AXA car insurance have a good payout rate for drivers involved in accidents?

AXA is a car insurance company based in Ireland. A claim should be filed within 24 hours of the accident. The claim should be processed within 10 days of the accident.

What are the guide and safety of car accidents?

GUIDE FOR SAFETY AND PROTECTION 1. Wear Seatbelts always. ( 63% were killed in car accidents not wearing Seatbelts ) 2. For motorcycle drivers, they should wear their helmet. 3. ALWAYS FOLLOW ROAD SIGNS 4. Observe Speed Limits. 5. NEVER OVER SPEED...

What type of accident should be investigated?

all accidents

Should the speed limit be increased?

no, there will be more accidents

What types of military accidents should be investigated?


Should drivers be drunk?

No. It is not safe for them, their passengers, nor other drivers.

How many car accidents are caused by senior citizens?

Although young people may have better reaction times then senior citizens young males remain the group most involved in vehicle accidents. Older drivers are not involved in a disproportinate number of accidents nor are they the contributing cause when they are involved. They simply drive less and more cautiously, avoid distractions and maintain the speed limits. It is true that vision changes and reaction times should be monitored but contrary to popular belief, most senior drivers are not blind as a bat nor are they moving obstructions to the flow of normal traffic.