Should transgenders be permited in Phils?

I think yes for you could tell the audience ahead of time for those that do have a problem could walk out but those who don't mind can stay. One of my best friends is in the process of becoming a male to female and her family and almost all of her friends wont speak to her and I said I will be your friend as a male or a female if you think that will make yourself happy do it for life is way too short to be arguing about crap like this we need to respect everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation's and religion. And besides if they have been living that lifer style for a while they are probably just like my friend unless you see her take off his pants you could never know that (S)he was a Male so go ahead let them in if someone has a problem they should leave not the transsexual

correcting gender pronouns... You have the right attitude ID1121282180, but you need to watch the pronouns. Calling her 'him' will greatly hurt her emotionally, especially as her friend. Look at it from her point of view. She needs to be a woman, she wants her friends and family to accept her. Now how is anyone going to accept her, if even the friends she manages to keep still think of her as 'him'?