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Should you be able to see an old dead tooth after a crown has been fitted over it?


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2006-09-29 16:29:12
2006-09-29 16:29:12

if the crown is tight, be sure to keep the exposed tooth clean by daily brushing and flossing. its probably the root you are seeing and not the top of the tooth as it is reduced to a "peg" during crown preparation. Absolutely not, the whole idea of a crown is to make it look like a new tooth. It should look natural and nothing should show between the crown and the gum. The tooth that was prepared for crowing oviously had problems. Discoloration is common for teeth, especially around areas of decay. What your seeing is probally root structure. A common problem with crowning a tooth is the lab technician makes a crown that is too "bulky" at the tissue area, this in return causes "blanching" of the tissue. When blanching occurs the blood supply is blocked to the tissue area around the tooth, which will cause the tissue to die and recede away from that area. you can probally see the crown where it meets the tooth and think it is not covered but the area that was ground down is covered. If the area is in the front of the mouth you might want to refer to your doctor about a new or different approach.


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depends on the reason the crown had to be taken off if it was for caries the crown should be replaced if it happened just because the pulp started hurting but with no caries involved he might be able to glue the crown with temporary glue preform the root canal and then glue it again permanently -though he will have to add a `core` to the tooth too.

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Type your answer here..once a root canal is complete the nerve is removed. thus, no nutrients etc are able to feed to that perticular tooth. over time the tooth becomes brittle and prone to fracture thus a crown is then placed on it to prolong the "lifespan" of the tooth.

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You may not be able too, not all X-Types are fitted with the blue tooth hardware, there are a number of things that you can do to find out, the simplest is to telephone your local Jag dealership who should be able to tell you what options your car has.

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No, a dentist shouldn't be cutting into the bone to put a crown on. You may have misunderstood what they were doing. If you are unsure of what was done ask that it be explained better to you. It may make more sense then. Or you may find out there was a mistake made and then you'll be able to decide what to do next.

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Knocked-Out ToothA knocked-out tooth is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. If these emergency tips are followed right after a tooth has been knocked out, there is a good chance that the tooth can be saved.The tooth should be picked up by the top of the tooth (crown). The root of the tooth should not be touched.Gently rinse the tooth off with plain water to clean it. Make sure you cover the drain so the tooth doesn't accidentally go down the drain.The tooth should not be scrubbed or any attached tissue should not be removed.Gently place the tooth back into the socket in the correct position, if possible. Gently try to bite down on gauze to hold it in position.If it is not possible to put the tooth back into its socket, place the tooth into a container with milk, warm salt water or your own saliva. Get to a dentist immediately, preferable within one hour.Call your dentist immediately. The longer you wait for implantation, the less likely you will be able to save the tooth.FOR MORE INFORMATION AND VIDEO GO TO:

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