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Yes you should be concerned. There should be a basking area with a temp around 90

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How often do an adult red eared slider eat?

they should be eating at least 2 a day.

How long can a red eared slider in captivty go with out eating?

well I'm looking for an answer to this question because all four of my turtles have stopped eating, I'm more concerned about my 1 year old male who is the smallest and will not eat food offered or sitting they haven't touched their food for about a week or two what should i do? ;P

Why is your yellow belly slider turtle not eating?

Poop :D

Why is your Red Eared Slider Turtle not eating?

If your Red Eared Slider Turtle is not eating, it could mean a few things. They could be sick, their water could be too cold, or they are just being stubborn. If they don't eat for a long time, then you really should contact a vet, pricy as it may be.

Is it normal for a red eared slider to constantly be chewing even when not eating?


My red eared slider turtle isn't eating what can i do?

Cheek it water it needs to be warm.

What might it mean if your red eared slider isn't eating?

It probly means it is sick or dieing.

Does Inez like Slider in Cyberchase?

she does but Inez should change her mind about slider and start to like Matt already

Is it safe for your Red eared slider to eat goldfish?

Yes, fish are the Red Eared Slider turtles natural prey. Your turtle will enjoy chasing around the fish and eating them as well.

What should you name your red eared slider?


Baby yellow bellied slider doesnt seem to be using his back feet just dragging them he is also very lethargic very concerned for him?

A yellow-bellied slider that is lethargic and dragging his back legs has a serious problem. He may have an infection or an injury. He should be seen as soon as possible by a veterinarian whose practice includes reptiles.

Should I get my slider another slider or keep him alone?

If you cannot spend most of your time with your slider, get him/her a companion. This type of animal will get very depressed if left alone. They are great pets, but need constant attention.

If I have a male and a female slider turtle do I need to be concerned that they will have babies?

Red-eared slider turtles usually can only breed successfully if they have hibernated before, and turtles kept in tanks rarely hibernate. There is a miniscual chance your turtles will breed if they have not hibernated.

What do you do after the red eared slider egg hatches?

you should sepperet them

Why has your Red Eared Slider turtle stopped eating?

Because the water in aquarium is too cold! It'll die unless you get a heater! If you have a heater and it's not eating, you have nothing to worry about.

What does it mean when my male red-eye slider turtle bite my new female red-eye slider turtle?

1stly its not "red eye slider", its "red eared slider". the biting may be his way of saying keep out of my territory. you should separate themin these cases

What are Good names for red eared slider?

good names for a red eared slider should be based on their personality/what they're like. hope this helped.

Should you feed your red eared slider turtle with a food tray?

no,slider turtles have fixed tongues but no saliva for that reason they must eat inside water

How often do red eared slider turtles need to go to the vet?

Every 6 months you should take the Red Eared Slider Turtle to the vet

Why wont your red ear slider eat?

your red ear slider isn't eating because they are timid animals and it is probaly scared of you try fider fish first if that dosent work the put in floating pellets and leave the room.

How long can baby red eared slider go without eating?

2 weeks if hibernating but awaken only 3 days

Can you put an algae eating fish in the tank with a red eared slider?

I wouldn't recommend it - since the RES will view the fish as food !

Can red eared slider turtles live in a pond?

Yes they can live in a pond but I don't think you should keep your red ear slider in a pond in winter or fall

Which is rarer a yellow bellied slider or a red ear slider?

yellow bellied slider

What age should you throw a slider?

15 after the majority of your arms growth is complete