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It sounds like he has a trust issue and is very overbering. I would be concerned.

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Your friends boyfriend is alway hanging out with you what should you do?

Sit Him Down And Tell Him You Guys Are Just Friends. He Should Understand And If He Doesnt Dont Worry About It.

What should you do if the boy you like likes you back but doesnt want to be your boyfriend?

Just stay friends with him.

How do you know if boyfriend is emmbaressed by you?

Usually he doesnt introduce you to his friends or family... Or doesnt take you in public... Duhhh

What do you say when your boyfriend doesnt want you to be friends with your best friend anymore?

you should tell him that your best friend has been there for you for everything and that you have to stand by her. if he can't accept that, then he's not a good boyfriend.

Does Kate Denning have a boyfriend?

She doesnt have a boyfriend because she has no time for them because she is an author she needs to write books. Also she needs one she should take a break and hamg out with friends and boys

Who is geogrge Michael boyfriend?

Well some people say that he doesnt have a boyfriend their just friends but i dont belivie it.....

What if your ex boyfriend doesnt want to be friends?

If your ex boyfriend does not want to be friends with you then don't be friends with him. Why would anyone want to be friends with someone that doesn't want to be friends with them. Just let them do what they want to do, and don't let it interfere with your life.

If your boyfriend always yells at you for being with your friends?

then he is jealous and you should tell him to get over himself. you need time to yourself and that your world doesnt revolve around him

Its wrong for your boyfriend to say lets be friends?

No its just means he doesnt wanna date you anything.

What if he does it mean when your boyfriend tells you that he wants to be friends with you and he doesn't want to be intimate with you?

he doesnt like you that way...

Your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend and he says he doesnt like you anymore how do you no he is telling the truth?

if your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend then thats okay for them but if your best friends boyfriend says he doesnt like you anymore then he may not because you can always tell weather someone likes you when they call you names. if your best friends boyfriend does that then he odviously likes you

What should you do you want a baby but your boyfriend doesnt?

You wait until he is ready.

How to get your boyfriend back if he doesnt want to speak with you?

if you want to get your boyfriend back you should do this. 1.ask him can ya'll talk about it. 2.ask him why he not talking to you. 3.ask him can ya'll start off as being friends then see where it goes from there.

Your boyfriend wants to poke you should you let him?

only if it doesnt hurt or bother you

What should a girl wear if she looks good in things but doesnt like it on her herself but wants to wear it but doesnt?

Ask your boyfriend.

What can i do if im friends with my ex but my new boyfriend doesnt like it?

just tell him nothing is going on and ur lucky to have him

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt want to sit by you at lunch?

that he needs a break or you guys just dont have the same friends

What do it mean if your ex boyfriend says lets be friends with benefits?

Is when he wants to kiss you and all that but doesnt want to go out with you

Do Kathryn Bernardo had a boyfriend?

she doesnt have a boyfriend

When and how do you know to kiss your boyfriend?

You should let him make the 1st move.But if he doesnt then you should talk to him about it. Talking helps your relationship. But if that doesnt work you make the first move .

What should you do to make a guy be your boyfriend?

be yourself if he doesnt like you for who you are then he probably isn't right for you

What should you do when friends keep secrets from you?

you should probably drop hints about it. if that doesnt work, tell them that if they were true friends they would tell you

What should concerned people do about bullying?

I think people should tell somebody who can do something about it or if that doesnt help you can sock the bully in the face

Who should you pick your boyfriend or the guy you really like?

It depends if the boyfriend doesnt treat you right then my choice would be the boy you really like.

Boyfriend still loves his ex wife should you break up with him?

Love is something special, and hes not giveing that to you. if he loves his ex wife it doesnt mean he doesnt have feelings for you but it doesnt mean he has feelings for you. you should leave him