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The only way to be certain is by having a blood test hun. It is possible for the embryo to not show up in a ultrasound until you are 6-7 weeks into your pregnancy but because of your pregnancy symptoms vanishing, I would be concerned and suspect a miscarriage. See your doctor for a blood test.

2006-08-13 21:49:30
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Q: Should you be worried if an ultrasound at five weeks only showed the sac and your pregnancy symptoms have stopped?
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Is there a problem if my pregnancy symptoms stopped in the 10'th week?

Not necessarily. I had no early pregnancy symptoms at all in my second pregnancy, and most women have stopped them by about 12 weeks, you may just be stopping them a bit sooner than average. Asyou are worried talk to your doctor for reassurance.

Can pregnancy symptoms start as early as the fourth day after conception?

Pregnancy symptoms do not start as early as the fourth day after conception. If a couple is trying to conceive or a woman is worried about getting pregnant pseudo pregnancy symptoms can occur at anytime.

What are some symptoms of being pregnant when you have a Mirena?

Look for regular symptoms of pregnancy: Morning sickness, tender breasts, etc. If you're worried, then take a pregnancy test.

Do guys have symptoms of pregnancy?

If I am correct, men can get what they think are symptoms of pregnancy, but really they are just worried about there pregnant girlfriend or wife or partner... But literally, men can not get real symptoms of being pregnant because they are not female. hope this helped!!

Had a regular period last month but having pregnancy symptoms this month?

You can still be pregnant and have a period. I would advise you to take a pregnancy test, if you are worried got your GP.

Do you start having symptoms right after you miss your period?

not always as each women experience different symptoms at different stages of there pregnancy. if you are worried then you should speak to your midwife who will be able to check things are ok and talk to you on what to expect out of your pregnancy.

Can you have no pregnancy symptoms but have a positive pregnancy test?

sure not all women get pregnancy symptoms but if you are early like 4 weeks then you have to wait until 6 weeks pregnant that's when it start to kick in but you might not get it at all just don't worried about.. only worried if you are bleeding and cramping and having blood clot those are the most concerns.. but you are lucky to not get the symptoms... best of luckAnswerSymptoms do not usually show up till about your sixth week of pregnancy.. enjoy feeling good. :) AnswerYes, if you have missed a period. Some women have no symptoms.AnswerYes this is possible. Some women don't have pregnancy symptoms until the pregnancy has been confirmed. Because you had a positive test then this means you're most likely pregnant. See your doctor for confirmation.

You took a pregnancy test on Saturday and it was positive. Can you just now be having implant bleeding on Wednesday?

No, you cannot have a positive test until about a week after implantation. Some women have a little bit of spotting during pregnancy. As long as you don't have a period and the pregnancy symptoms don't go away you should be fine. If you are worried take another test in a week or so and/or go to the doctor and ask for an ultrasound as you are spotting.

I am about 6 weeks along and had some lower back pain without bleeding about a week ago and am wondering if this could be a sign of miscarriage or just early pregnancy symptoms?

Probably just early pregnancy symptoms, but if you're worried see the doctor.

No cardiac activity 5 weeks 6 days pregnancy?

usually the cardinal activity starts in 8th week,, its too early to be worried about this.. get another ultrasound in after week 8.

I am 4 days late and have backache and very light pink spotting. Is this a sign of pregnancy. Had an ectopic pregnancy last year. Should I be worried?

Yes, thse are pregnancy symptoms. Try not to worry about ectopic pregnancy. Take a test

Is breaking out a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is not. But if you are worried about being pregnant, get a pregnancy test.

If you have had a period but feel other pregnancy symptoms how do you know your pregnant you are beginning to feel a little worried Before you started your period this last time you thought you might?

Take a pregnancy test:) Good luck and God Bless:)

Can you be three months pregnant and still get negative ultrasound result?

i am 6 months pregant,,i know i am and i had an ultrasound and it came out negative i was getting worried about it..

At 17 weeks of pregnancy the fetal heart beat is not heared?

This may not be a good sign, or the baby could be in a position that is hard to hear. Ask for an ultrasound right away also go in for another test to hear the heartbeat in the meantime, also think about whether or not you have felt any movements yet. There is a chance that the baby's heart may have stopped and you have not miscarried on your own. But do not get too worried yet, remember that you are in control of your visits and demand an ultrasound right away. Good luck.

Could you be pregnant if four days after your ovulation you started having cramps and fatigue and lots of milky discharge and sore nipples but your period is not due for about 5 days?

Pregnancy symptoms show up typically a week to two weeks after conception. Pregnancy symptoms can also be confused with typical PMS symptoms as well.You know your body better than anyone, so if you are still puzzled or worried, take a home pregnancy test and/or see the doctor.

This is my second pregnancy I am only about 6 weeks. I have been breathless a lot and extremely fatigued more so than the last pregnancy could something be wrong?

There probably isn't anything to worry about as these are common symptoms. Every pregnancy is different, so one set of symptoms you had in your last pregnancy, may not happen at all or as severely during this one. And vice versa. If you're overly worried, you should see your GP.

Why is Joseph kony not worried about being stopped?

Nobody know's why. But personally, i think he's really worried inside.

You had unprotected sex on the 1st of September and tested on the 20th it was negative then you had sex and started to bleed then stopped bleeding can you still be pregnant?

It's unlikely but still possible, get a second pregnancy test if your worried

Your symptoms decreased at 6.5 weeks no bleeding but had vomiting and diarrhea a couple days before symptoms faded-could I have had a missed miscarriage?

Every women is different. It doesnt mean you've missed misscarriage because some women can go a pregnancy without and symptoms but if you are worried go to the docs

Should i be worried that at 9 weeks pregnancy i dont have symptoms?

As long as your midwife or doctor has said that you and the baby are both OK, I'm sure everything is fine. Some women don't experience any symptoms other than no period and a growing bump

Negative home pregnancy tests with pregnancy symptoms?

your probably just really worried about it and thinking about it to much. wait a little bit until you get your period and if your period doesnt come about a week after the due date take a pregnancy test again. you have to wait about 13 days in order for the test to show the real result.

How early do cramps occur in pregnancy?

Cramps can occur at anytime, pretty much from shortly after conception (implantation pains) and then throughout pregnancy. They are not normally serious unless accompanied by other symptoms (bleeding, fever etc) although if you are worried seek advice from your gp or surgery nurse.

Had an ultrasound yesterday. LMP was Nov 2 so you should be 7 weeks The ultrasound only showed you being 5 weeks pregnant you are going back next week for another ultrasound Should you be worried?

You have two due accourding to your last period and one accourding to the size of the child on the ultrasound...i think the ultrasound one is more accurate

You are 11 days overdue of your period and you had pregnancy symptoms which were nausia and feeling tired and pain in your hips and back but now they have just stopped whats going on?

Sometimes subconsciously you can stress yourself into not getting your period if your worried about getting pregnant. Depending on when you had intercourse to cause you to possibly to believe this you may not experience the above mentioned symptoms so early in your pregnancy if you were to be pregnant. The mind can play tricks on you and if you think things are going to feel that way etc. it could trick your body into complying with those thoughts. Now if you are pregnant and there are symptoms that stop hormones have a way of doing what they want and things will happen at the will of your hormones and body changes. Hopefully this helps and either way good luck.