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All of us like flattery and your girlfriend was simply flattered and probably remembered the "good old times" she had with her ex, but realized quickly why he is her ex. I wouldn't worry too much and she sounds like a confident young woman that at least admitted her feelings to you and then aplogized. However, tell her to stop the chatting online and you are a one woman man, and that's the way it is. Say it nicely, but make sure she knows the ground rules loud and clear. Good luck Marcy

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How do you use word chatted in a sentence?

I chatted with my friend.They chatted on the phone.

How do you use chatted in a sentence?

A few examples are I chatted with her yesterday, and I've chatted with her before. :) hope it helps!! ;D

What is the plural form of apologize?

The forms of the verb to apologize used with plural nouns are:we apologizeyou apologizethey apologizewe are apologizingyou are apologizingthey are apologizingwe were apologizingyou were apologizingthey were apologizingwe have been apologizingyou have been apologizingthey have been apologizingwe will be apologizingyou will be apologizingthey will be apologizingwe apologizedyou apologizedthey apologizedwe have apologizedyou have apologizedthey have apologizedwe will have apologizedyou will have apologizedthey will have apologized

What do you do if your girlfriend is jealous from you tickiling another girl?

Assuming you've already apologized and promised not to do it again and she's still on about it... dump her and find a more reasonable girlfriend.

Who is Cameron leahy's girlfriend?

As of now, he does not have a girlfriend. He and his ex-girlfriend recently broke up.

What does it mean when your girlfriend cheated on you and you apologized and then when you hang with your ex she gets mad?

* It's apparent your girlfriend and you are extremely immature. When two people steady date they should remain faithful to each other. Your girlfriend cheated; you apologized, but it appears that you are getting back at her by hanging around your ex. 'Ex' means the relationship is over and you shouldn't be seeing your her. Quit playing games with each other and either make your relationship work with your girlfriend or move on.

Is apologized spelled correctly?

That is how you spell 'apologized'

What part of speech is apologized?

apologized is a verb

What is the past tense of chat?

infinitive: chatpast: chattedpast participle: chatted

A picture of Justin biebers girlfriend?

Justin has recently broke up with his girlfriend. His last girlfriend was Selena Gomez

How do you put apologized in a sentence?

He apologized to him for being a bad friend

Is chatted a verb?

Yes chatted a verb in English language. It means to be talking in a friendly way or manner.

Does Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench have a girlfriend?

no he has never had a girlfriend but recently he is dating natalie welch

What is the definition of apologized?

"Apologized" - expressed regret for an action, statement, etc.

Is apologized is present or past verb?

Apologized is the past form of apologize.

Who is john gotti agnellos girlfriend?

He recently came out of the closet.

Who is Nathan kress's girlfriend recently in 2011?

Madisen hill.

Which pope apologized for the Inquisition?

Pope John Paul the 2nd was the Pope that apologized for the inquisition.

What the past tense of chat?


Brandon novak have a girlfriend?

He recently broke up with Mandy. He has a new girlfriend named Apple. Source:

Does Thomas fiss has a girlfriend?

Yes, actually recently someone I know drove his girlfriend to one of his Campilfied Concerts.

Does tyler ward have a girlfriend?

Tyler Ward is an American singer, writer, and producer. He recently posted on Twitter that he does not have a girlfriend.

What should you do if your ex cheated on his girlfriend with you lied to you about it admited it apologized to you but his girlfriend has no idea?

It means he is playing both sides of the fence. If you like the sex and don't care about the girlfriend go for it. However keep in mind that you would be wise to practice safer sex because you will never know where he had the thing last.

Does Henry Santos have a girlfriend?

Yes. He recently mentioned in La Kalle 105.9 NYC that he has a girlfriend. Been with her for 7 years.

How do you spell apolegized?