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Answer: if you trust your girl then there's nothing to be afraid of..stop worrying! besides "who's with her right now?" then you just answered your question.

You should trust your girlfriend and I'm sure she loves you.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-18 17:16:25
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Q: Should you be worried if your girlfriend and her ex are at the same school and hang out ALL the time?
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Why is it that my girlfriend can have so many guy friends to hang out with and no one bats an eye but if I hang out with a female friend of mine while in a relationship I am borderline cheating?

This seems like an issue between you and your girlfriend. If she is worried about you cheating, you should ask her why. Perhaps she is insecure and needs you to tell her that you would not cheat on her.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for a year now and we used to hang out everyday until school started And we still hang out but I'm busy with my band sometimes and school band?

You can your girlfriend can still find time to hang out on weekends. Maybe you two can eat lunch together at school.

Should you hang out with your best friend and his girlfriend who you hate or should you not hang out with your friend?

If you want your friend to still be your friend, hang out with him. You might find out what he likes in his girlfriend and she could be your friend too. Friends do this for each other.

What should I do if my girlfriend goes out to lunch everyday at school with the same too people They are guys and she does that rather than hang out with you or go to lunch with you Is this a sign?

mate just go and hang out with her see where it goes from there.

How does a 6th grade girl get a date?

you should look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not you should ask to hang out. look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not ask to hang out but dont push it

What should i do to get my crush to like me if he has a girlfriend?

Just hang out with his girlfriend a lot more so he doesn't get a lot of time with her.

What do you do when you have a girlfriend in middle school?

It depends on what grade you are in but you should always remember that you have that girlfriend. hang around with her after classes and stuff and make an effort to know her friends if you don't already or better if you do. Introduce her to your friends if she doesn't know them.

How do i hang out talk with my SHY girlfriend if she has no cellphone barely comes out of her house and when I get to talk to her at school is just for few minutes?

Ask her if ahe wants to hang out like after school or on a Saturday night. Mabe a movie.

Should your girlfriend hang out with ex?

No, this will lead to trouble. It smells like a ton of baggage which you should not be expected to carry.

Should a guy be jealous when his girlfriend wants to hang out with her guy friend?

Number one you shouldn't if you know your girlfriend is honest but if she is like those most popular girl in school AkA the boyfriend stealer then i would watch your back my friend

If you been on a date or several dates with a girl and you want her to be your girlfriend must you communicate that directly to her or just play it outI?

You should hang out with her more and then you should ask her to be your GF You should hang out with her more and then you should ask her to be your GF

How do you get this girl in your class to be your girlfriend?

Well you get her attention and hang out with her a lot and when school starts again carry her books to her calss!!!!

Why do guys go out when they have a girlfriend?

cause people can't always hang out with their girlfriend or boyfriend. you need to hang out with friends too

What should you do if your girlfriend is not answering the phone?

ur girl don't want 2 hang wit u

How do You Spend time with your girlfriend in school when Your always with your friends and she's always with hers?

Schedule time to hang out with your girlfriend alone I guess. You can ask her sometime when you're together if she'd like to hang out with you one lunchtime? Just tell your friends you (or your girlfriend) wants to hang out with each other this time. You can tell her about all the funny things your friends did, so they don't rival each other or anything.

How do you knew if your girlfriend is over with her girlfriend?

Well her banana peel will hang out of her undies

What do you do when your girlfriend wants to hang out with a friend who is a guy this guy used to like my girlfriend but now he has a girlfriend what do i do is it right for me to be bothered?

Well, its ok for them to hang out. If you trust her, then yes, if not then go with her. Like a double date.

Were does Christian beadles like to hang out?

he likes to hang round with his girlfriend jade jackson.

What does to hang a name on someone mean?

"hang a name" = labeling someone your boyfriend/girlfriend

Why won't your girlfriend hang out with you?

maybe you stink??

Who is Justin best girlfriend to hang out with?

Nope its me

Who is Andy xiong girlfriend?

Pahoua Hang!

If you are 12 and go to an all boys school with no girls schools nearby how do you get a girlfriend?

Go to parties and dances and try to hang out with some girls.

What do you do with your girlfriend in middle school?

Usually, you hold hands, hang out at your house, go to the movies, go on double or group dates, nothing to serious. Middle school relationships are just for fun

I want to hang out with people at school they dont want me to hang out with them should i talk to my imaginary friends and hang out with them What is your option?

My opinion is first you need to get rid of your imaginary friends. If those people do not want to hang out with you then that is their loss. You should friends that like you for you. Just please get rid of the imaginary friends.

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