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Should you buy an iPod or an MP3 for a 9-year-old?

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I started my daughter out with a cheap Sansa mp3 player 1 mega byte for about $39.00 before moving up to an iPod a year later. It holds hundreds of songs and its cheaper to replace when its lost or stolen or dropped in the toilet if you know what I mean. He/She is 9 years old, they don't need one at all, unless they are HUGE fans of like fall out boy, Avril Lavine, ECT. get them like a toy truck...

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Should i buy an ipod nano 4g i got and mp3 player 2gb and is 4 years old and i have to buy batteries everytime they run i am getting bored of that i dont know if i buy the ipod or stay with mp3?

my man its 2010 get a ipod lol

Where can one buy iPod and MP3 Players?

One can buy iPod and MP3 Players from a lot of offline and online retailer stores. Some of the online stores that sell iPod and MP3 Players are Best Buy, Target and Walmart to name a few.

Where can you buy a MP3?

mp3 what is that? is it like an iPod? lol nah get 1 on eBay

Should you buy and iPod or an MP3 player?

ipods, even thought they sometimes cost more they and better and have more features than an MP3 player.

Which one is best iPod or MP3?

Ipod... you get to buy songs you don't have and downlkoad songs you do have.

What are opinions on the best types of MP3 players to buy?

The best mp3 player to buy is one that is a brandname, like an iPod

Can I buy mp3 docking stations at walmart?

Yes you can buy them at wal-mart they have both ipod and mp3 docking stations.

Can you buy a ipod mp3 player at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy a variety of ipod mp3 players at walmart. You can buy ones in a variety of diffrent shapes, colors, and also sizes. That is what i have to say on the subject dearie!!

What is the size difference between an ipod and an MP3 player?

Well it depends. Every ipod and every mp3 player have a different size. So really you could buy an mp3 player that has more space than an ipod. It just all depends on what size you buy yourself

Should I buy an iPod or mp3?

It all depends. I Pod has a ton of accessories that you can buy and if you really don't care for accessories then either one is good.

Is buying a song for a mp3 the same as buying a song for an ipod?

Yes because the songs that you buy from itunes are in mp3 format

Where can one purchase refurbished iPod Touch mp3 players?

Futureshop, Best Buy or TigerDirect are the places where one can buy refurbished iPod Touch mp3 players. These stores offer various electronic devices on sale.

Is there a difference between a MP3 player and an ipod?

iPod's can use iTunes to buy songs and have more accessories for it than an MP3 player.

Should you buy an ipod touch from walmart or best-buy?

I think you should buy the iPod at best buy. I think that because it has a bigger slection of iPods. If you don't want an iPod you can easily just get another brand of mp3 players. If you are caring about other people you should buy it at best buy because at wallmart they don't provide health insurance (yes they do) for theyre employees and provida low payment (decent, actually). In counclusion I think best buy is better. Addendum. I will improve on this ignorance. Where is it cheaper? Assuming you want an Ipod TOUCH, not an mp3 player, they go for over $200. The 8GB is 229.00 at my walmart. Warantee's can be expensive as well, if you are concerned with protecting your phone.

Should I buy a new iPod touch 8gb?

The iPod touch 8gb is a fine mp3 player that has several other attractive features, including internet capabilities. The 8gb stands for the storage amount of 8 gigabytes. If it is in your price range, it is a great mp3 player.

Where can i buy a mp3 touch screen player?

You can buy an mp3 touch screen player from Also, the ipod nano from apple is a touch screen. Zune also makes a touch screen mp3 player.

What does Philips sell that is similar to an iPod?

Phillips sell an MP3 player that is similar to an iPod. They sell a number of mp3 players including the GoGear Vibe 8mb version. One can buy them from Amazon.

How often do people buy mp3 player speakers in this society?

MP3 players which strictly play MP3 files, is not too common in this day and age. However, MP3 players such as the ipod nano are readily available nonetheless.

What is the function of a mp3 player?

an mp3 player is simply a generic version of an ipod. depending on which mp3 player you buy, it would be able to listen to radio, listen to music, and even watch videos.

How do you put music from the mp3 to the iPod?

well you hav to have a usb cord so you can transfer music from your mp3 player to your ipod or...if you dont hav a usb cord buy one form apple so you can transfer music

How do you download songs form Windows media player onto your sansa mp3?

buy an ipod retards

What is better an ipod touch or a touch screen mp3 player?

Definitely the iPod Touch by far. There are thousands of apps you can download, and you can even surf the internet and buy songs from your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is better, but the Polaroid Touch Screen MP3 is cheaper. iPod: 200 dollars. Polaroid: between 60 to 70 dollars.

Where can one purchase Apple Mp3 players?

Apple has many Mp3 players which one could purchase. Many retail outlets such as Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart, and Target. Some models they carry are the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, and the popular iPod touch.

Where can i order an Ipod mp3 adapter cable?

you can ordera an ipod mp3 adapter cable either through apple directly, at best buy, walmart, target, or online through amazon or ebay. com. any of these locations will sell them.

Where can you buy 'I'd Lie' by Taylor Swift?

You can buy it on itunes or or you can download it from different sites for like your MP3 or you ipod.