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You should care because if they are still friends and they are ex's they still have something there. Make them end there friendship and if they don't want to you know that there is still something there between them and they haven't gotten over it.

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Q: Should you care if your girlfriend and her ex are still best friends?
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What should you say if you got in a fight with your best friends girlfriend?

you should apoligize t your friend and his girlfriend

What do you do if a best friend is ignoring you for his girlfriend?

you tell him and ask if your really best friends, because best friends should never ignore you

Should you hang out with your best friend and his girlfriend who you hate or should you not hang out with your friend?

If you want your friend to still be your friend, hang out with him. You might find out what he likes in his girlfriend and she could be your friend too. Friends do this for each other.

If your best friend is friends with your ex girlfriend should you be friends with them?

You can still be friends with your friend, but just try to remember to not get to close to your ex, and remember that your ex may be trying to make you jealous (it is possible that they aren't though). It is OK to be friends with an ex.

If your girlfriend wants to break up but you still love her deeply is it possible to be best friends while still having these feelings for her?


How do you know your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex girlfriend?

Just ask his best friends Does he still look at her Does he flirt with her Does he talk about her

Should you tell your best friends girlfriend that you are sleeping together?

If u want to be slapped

Your girlfriend still lives with ex's family and has for 11 years and he still lives there what do you do Says that there is nothing to worry about but she calls him her best friend?

Best friends stick it in!!!!!!!!!!!!

What should you do when your best friends lie to your girlfriend?

Find out the reason for his lie. If it was wrong, warn him and forgive.

Why boys love their best friends girlfriend?

Best friends are best friends because they share similarities. Lazy or hopeless guys love their best friends' girlfriend because he would like the same kind of girl.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is talking to his ex girlfriend and they are best friends?

you can never trust no man with any girl, your friend even if you are best friends and his ex girlfriend... --------------------- A couple can split up and still be friends. Ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends are not always each other's enemies after a break up.

How do you know if your best friend wants your girlfriend?

If your girlfriend hangs around with you and your best friend it is difficult to tell if they are friends or if your best friends really wants her. As long as your girlfriend is with you and treats you well it does not much matter whether your best friend wants her or not.

What should i do if i don't like my best friends girlfriend?

Try to get to know her. Maybe you two will get to like each other. If not, then just be honest and tell him. its HIS girlfriend not yours.

Your best friends girlfriend wont let him talk to you what should you do?

Tell him that she is trying to control him and when she's gone he will not have anybody.

Will you tell your best friends girlfriend that he is cheating on her?

Yes you should tell her that he is cheating. Because later, it will hurt her if not told.

Who likes and loves you?

LikesBoyfriend/GirlfriendFriendsLovesMotherBest friendsBoyfriend/GirlfriendSiblingsGrandparents

What should you do if youre still friends with your ex after you break up but their new girlfriend or bf convinces him or her that youre out to get their new girlfriend or bf?

Well then this person isn't the best for your ex if she has to do that to get into your ex's life. Just tell him that politely and that you just want the best for him. But first, be sure that that's really what happened.

What should you do about your feelings for your ex when you have a new girlfriend who is amazing?

i went through the same thing with my ex boyfriend!!! if they have moved on and maybe you haven't just talk to them and ask if you could still be friends!! i mean it worked for me and we are the best of friends right now and we always will be!!

What do you do when your girlfriend and your best friends don't get along?


What do you do when your boyfriend's best friend is his ex-girlfriend?

Nothing. Just accept the fact that he is friends with his ex or move on. He won't ditch his best friend for you, a guy is more likely to ditch the girlfriend for his friends. Girlfriends come and go, best friends are for life. My best advice, make her your friend too and he will love that about you.

What should you do if you kissed your best friend while he and his girlfriend were on a break?

well, I would be awkward for your best friend. Your best friend's girlfriend probaly thinks that your best friend is still her man. So, his gf will hate you if she finds out

What is the best prank on exboyfriends new girlfriend?

I don't think you should do that... Then he'll know that you still like him...

What should best friends do together?

Best friends should hang out lots

What should you do if your girlfriend is jealous of one of your other girl friends?

It's best to only have one girlfriend. EDIT (Rigel of Orion): It is generally and widely accepted by society, that only one girlfriend ever be your girlfriend at any given time.

What should you do if you hate your best guy friends girlfriend?

tell your best friend be brave lol tell the truth or try and sort it out wth her or... try to like her